Indigo Team IC 2

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    Hello everyone and welcome to our second IC!

    The IC will start on Friday 21-07 00:00 (GMT +3) and end on Sunday 23-07 23:59
    1st Place will get 30$
    2nd Place will get 20$
    3rd Place will get 10$

    (The money prize will be given via PayPal to the winners, which has been gathered by Peco, Lucifer, Kazumoe and me)
    - To register reply to this topic.
    - Minimum for solo AMV is 1:30 and for Collab/Mep is 2:00. (Not counting Intro/Outro)
    - File size should be as small as possible and below 300 MBs.
    - Use only music provided in the Music pack. You are allowed to make a "mix" with the songs of the pack if you'd like.
    - When you finish your amv send it to
    - Email subject and video file name should be as follows: (Category) [Editor's name]-Title

    - Judges
    Lightning Arrow/ Kazumoe/ MagicDarkLight
    - The categories are:
    Upbeat (Fun/Dance)
    Live Action/GMV
    - Download the IC logo (chroma key it)!GBJB1SaB!RR2sF1I-f_Tripz9Pablu1n8BI1wEsmIX-Vk0Z0jII0
    - Countdown (
    - Join our Discord server:
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