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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by teptaris, Sep 29, 2018.

  1. teptaris

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    Ok, so i've just recently started going back to my roots and enjoying old styled amvs and came across some threads talking about this topic. I don't wanna really belittle story telling cause it is important to make a great amv. BUTT it's so cringy hearing people saying that the effects are a cheap way to get the viewers attention or just discrediting what the effect is trying to do by saying petty stuff like "sEizUres AnYonE?". I feel like most of these old amv creators just don't understand why effects are needed. I'm just here to say they aren't always for eye candy and the effects can help the stories direction. And god forbid anyone to actually edit an amv and not just split clips.
  2. Replay

    Replay Administrator Staff Member

    With my experience, most of the Instagram amvs are just lacking. They are usually too short and the effects that are added does not add to anything to it. Obviously this is my opinion and I do not know why people makes these amvs or for any amv for that matter. To be fair though, I have seen a few that I liked.
  3. CrackTheSky

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    Effects aren't needed though. I agree that effects can be used to help with a concept or story, absolutely, but I have yet to see an Instagram-style video that uses effects in a manner that isn't a cheap way to get attention, as you put it. No "old" editors that I know of think that effects are bad all of the time, but the way they're used in these kinds of videos is all the same, and it looks really bad imo. I haven't seen a single AMV like this that I enjoy.
  4. Sonicfreak

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    I do think that Instagram edits have merit in the way that they explore certain effects in new ways, which result in a somewhat new genre for AMVs.
    However I also think that it's more of a novelty rather than a integral part of the AMV itself, as it is a constant struggle to stay relative in that scene whenever lots of editors copy the same effects.

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