Jūni Taisen「AMV」- Chicken, no more (our lady peace - all for you)

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  1. Cerbyo

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    Third amv. Covers up to episode 3 of Juni Taisen. Watch in 1080p. I used 1080p footage this time around so the original file size is rather huge. Improvement in fps quality I found, so maybe it was worth.

    Don't think I'll get to another this week, not much content in this week's episode for an amv.

    This was definitely the hardest amv I've done so far. I wanted a song with kick....and this song was the one I stumbled upon by sheer chance that fit the idea I was going for. Had a hard time overall with the editing, frustrating at times.

    Oh and the title is in relation to chicken no longer acting like a chicken.
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  2. Enigmo (Fast Speed)

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    Hmmm just a single unit of commentary...I just personally think this isn't enough to be considered good work. I've noticed you've made several AMVs this week. I personally think you need to take more time with your edits. For example, make some of it, then take a few days away from it, then come back and view it almost as someone watching it for the first time rather than the creator of it. I'm a music producer and this is a technique heavily used by even professional musicians. Why do you think they spend aaaages on one song? Most artists can finish up an entire song's key structure and sounds in one week. But they spend mooonths away from it so they can come back and not have any author's bias. YOU need to do this with your AMVs if you want them to be good. It's not a proven fact that this method works, or that it's a rule, but it helped me a lot when I first started editing and as you're new I believe it'll help you, too.

    As for the video itself, there's not much to say since I don't feel like I'm watching an AMV but rather someone *trying* to make an AMV. I respect your effort but there isn't much to comment on in your works, yet. Just keep watching good videos and try to do what they do and once you understand what they do, you'll be able to apply those skills into your own fully unique videos. Amen.

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