Kawaii Kon 2017 VAST Contest - Winners List & Finalists

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    Kawaii Kon 2017 Video Art Showcase Theater Contest Rules

    ATTENTION: There is a special category added to the contest. Please read at the end of the main rules.

    Who can enter?
    The contest is open to all participants. Although it is strongly encouraged participants in the contest be attendees, attendance is not a requirement for entry. The staffers and judges of VAST will not be able to participate, however other Kawaii Kon staffers are free to enter. Please read and understand all the rules listed below.

    What can I enter?
    Video art is defined as a video production work of editing, mixing audio sources (mostly, but not limited to, music) and video sources (again mostly, but not limited to, anime). Original production video art is welcome and encouraged. Live action and/or self-animated works (by computer or otherwise) are also welcome, but may be judged separately if warranted by the number of entries submitted.

    To enter, you must be the creator (or one of the creators if it is a multi-editor project) of the video production work being entered. You may not enter a video that you did not create nor can you enter a video anonymously.

    This year, there are two separate contests you can enter: the main Video Art contest and new for 2017, a themed Special Category contest. (See the bottom of these rules for the full details.) For the main contest, there is a limit of two videos per entrant.

    The preferred video limit length is to four minutes or less. Although discouraged, videos will not be disqualified if it exceeds this length.
    The only exclusion is for videos that have been sent to previous Kawaii Kon contests. These videos are ineligible for competition in the VAST Contest.

    Where can I enter?
    You can enter your video into the contest electronically only by public file transfer websites that do not require a membership to download the files or through your own hosting website. Youtube entries are not acceptable.

    As the contest will be judged prior to the convention, no entries can be accepted at Kawaii Kon in person.

    Google Drive is one of the better public file transfer website to upload your entry to as it offers 10GB+ of cloud storage.

    When can I enter?
    Video submissions will be accepted starting NOW!
    Entries will be accepted until February 17, 2017 @11:59pm HST.

    Why do I enter?
    To see your video on the big screen in front of a live audience and for the chance to win recognition and fortune!
    Best in Showcase, Runner-up, Judges’ Choice, Director’s Choice, Best Theme and Fan Favorite for the VAST Contest will be awarded: additional prizes and awards may be awarded at the discretion of the VAST Department. All prizes and awards have a negligible cash value.

    How do I enter?
    Entry Form
    To enter your video, you must submit a completed an online entry form along with each of your video entries. If you enter multiple videos, you must complete multiple entry forms. It is one form for each video.

    Note: If submitting a multi-editor project, list all the editors in the real name and editor name sections in order above, with the contact person as the first person listed. For the address, phone number, and email address, only the contact person’s information is required.

    Online entry form can be found here: Kawaii Kon 2017 VAST Online Entry Form
    The VAST Department will send you a confirmation email when your entry is received and tested in our system.

    Please upload your video to any public file transfer websites such as Google Drive or Sendspace etc so that the url will be available to download. Copy and paste the url under “Video File URL” on the online entry form.

    File Naming Convention
    All video files submitted must be named in the following format:
    Creator – title – music artist – music title – anime source.file type
    Creator – your editor name (or real name if you prefer)
    Title – the title of your video (if any)
    Music artist – Artist/group name of the song used in the video, or if using another audio source type, source of the audio file (e.g. – ‘The Matrix’ movie trailer)
    Music title – title of the song, or identifying segment for the audio if not using a musical source
    File type – the type of video container you are using (MPG, AVI, MP4, WMV, etc)

    Video Entry Requirements
    Bumpers, title screens, credits, or any other form of creator / footage / audio identification are discouraged, but allowed: you will not be disqualified for their inclusion. We will be adding custom title screens to identify each video so there really isn’t a need for them on your submitted files, so if at all possible, please remove them.

    Addition of two seconds of blank / black is optional and not required.

    For judging purposes, videos will be scored on the actual submitted file. For contest playback purposes, submitted files will be converted to the preferred format (see below).

    Video Formats:
    Preferred container format – MP4/MKV. The VAST contest is designed to run off a Windows Media Player Classic – Home Cinema on PC using DXVA GPU acceleration, so the preferred container format for video submissions is either MP4 or MKV.

    MP4 / MKV Container Profile (Preferred Format):
    Resolution: 640x480 minimum, 1920x1080 maximum
    Framerate: 23.976 / 24 fps minimum
    Audio: AC-3/AAC at 44 kHz, stereo audio, 224 kps or higher
    Video: H.264 or x.264

    MPEG-2 Profile:
    Resolution: 720 x 480 (if you use the correct aspect ratio flag, letterboxing is not required)
    Framerate: 29.970 fps
    Audio: MP2 at 48 kHz, stereo audio only, 224 kbps or higher, no variable audio bit rates
    Video: 8000 kbit/s max, progressive

    Other video formats are welcome except for AVCHD video (.m2t) and QuickTime (.mov). Just in case, be prepared to create other file types if we are unable to convert your file to the preferred format.

    Non-MPEG-2 Profile:
    Resolution: 640x480 is the recommended minimum
    Framerate: 23.976 / 24 fps minimum
    Audio: any suitable audio format per your container files at a suitably high (192 kbps or higher) bitrate.

    AVI containers using the following codecs – DIVX, XVID, HuffYUV, Lagarith, DV-AVI, or the standard compliment of codecs installed by Windows.

    WMV - Please follow the resolution/sound rules above for any Windows Media format. Please make sure the video is UNLOCKED, and use high bitrates for better quality. Better still would be to output to DV-AVI and submit this instead (or use this to convert to H.265/x.264 yourself).

    VAST 2017 Theme Rules
    (All regular rules for VAST contest apply, here are the differences.)

    The theme of the category is Video Games. Video entered must follow the theme of “video games.” Entries are not restricted to only the use of video games video / audio sources. They may utilize any acceptable source as long as the overall feel of the video is related show back to the theme.

    For the special category, there is a limit of one entry person person/group in addition to the videos allowed in the main Video Art Contest. Video limit length are the same as the general contest.

    To see an example of what a video game entry can look like, see the video below:

    Super Punch Stab Shooter: Championship Edition (Acen Version) - Copycat_Revolver

    Final Notes
    By submitting your video to this contest, you authorize Kawaii Kon staff to screen and distribute it under the Kawaii Kon and / or Kawaii Kon Video Art Showcase Theater (VAST) Contest title. Kawaii Kon staff reserves the right to disqualify entries for any reason deemed necessary to protect the overall quality and integrity of the event. Entries may be disqualified for any of the following reasons: objectionable content, low quality video / audio, failure to adhere to the contest rules, and / or at the discretion of the VAST Department.

    Kawaii Kon VAST Contest Information
    The information thread will be posted on AnimeMusicVideos.org forums and Kawaii Kon website. The winners / playlist will also be posted after the contest is over.

    If you have any questions or concerns on any of the above, please feel free to contact the VAST Department:
    Thank you for participating and good luck to all!
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    There is a month left until the deadline. The deadline is February 17, 2017 @ 11:59 PM HST. I will not be accepting any late entries after the deadline. No exception. Don't forget that there is a special category in the contest. The special category is Video Games theme. The category needs more entries. Only one so far have entered.
  3. mittoh!

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    Sounds awesome! I'll take a look at entering myself haha
  4. KurenaiRoze

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    Cool! We are always looking forward to new peeps in the contest! :D
  5. Ploxerdon

    Ploxerdon I have returned

    I don't have the file for Game Over anymore sadly (one of my older AMVs), and a month is too short to make a videogame themed AMV I think...

    I will consider entering in another category though, sounds like fun.
  6. KurenaiRoze

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    Video Game themed is what we have for category other than main. We were trying out a category first before expanding more.
  7. KurenaiRoze

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    There is less than two weeks left until the deadline! The deadline is February 17 @ 11:59PM HST. If you have any questions or concerns about the rules, please do PM here or email. For those who received an confirmation, you're set! For those who didn't, please remind me if I didn't sent you one or turn in your entries. Time is ticking.
  8. KurenaiRoze

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    Five days left until the deadline! Ring ring ring.
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    Today is the last day to turn in entries for the contest! I'll be reviewing the ones who turn in last night, then focus on today's ones up until 11:59PM HST. Get em' in!
  10. Ileia

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    I sent you one! I left a note in the studio name entry field because I wasn't sure where to note that it was created by more than one person.
  11. KurenaiRoze

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    I got it! Thanks for the head up!
  12. KurenaiRoze

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    I apologize for the long wait, but wait no more!
    Here are the winners of Kawaii Kon 2017 VAST Contest

    Best in Showcase
    by MycathatesyouAMV

    Showcase Runner Up
    “Weeaboo Peekaboo”
    by Shin

    Judges Choice
    by hamstar138

    Director’s Choice or “Full Impact” award

    by SliceofLife

    Fan Favorite
    “Beautiful World”
    by Nards

    Special Category 2017 ‘Video Games’ Winner
    by Madmegatax

    Congratulations to the winners! A special thanks to the participants that entered the contest. Without you guys, the contest wouldn’t have gone this far. I’ll try to mail out the awards this week as possible to the winners who aren’t present. See you all for next year’s VAST contest and present a new category!
  13. KurenaiRoze

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    Here are the main playlist of the finalists

    1. CDVV Presents The Weeb Jam Megamix
    by CornDog VidVids

    2. Twintails and Music Clubs
    by Kyci

    3. Vertical Limit
    by [key]Scarlet

    4. EXO-Monogatari
    by MrShmucker

    5. Nukegraphy 2016
    by Nuke

    6. Weeaboo Peekaboo
    by Shin

    7. Dareka no Manazashi (Someone’s Gaze)
    by Tuffens

    8. Kaikiphony
    by Iren S.S.

    9. Ashen Chords
    by Xophilorus

    10. C.T.F.O.
    by KeiichiFace

    11. Kizumonogatari – arubato
    by arubato

    12. Sanctuary
    by SliceofLife

    13. The Secret We Share
    by Cirera

    14. Beautiful World
    by Nards

    15. Eternally
    by xDieguitoAMV

    16. Eien no Love
    by AMV-X

    17. Stay with Me
    by Joy’s AMV

    18. Timeless
    by hamstar138

    19. Speed o’ Sound Sonic X
    by Pikapwn

    20. I Knew You Were Psycho
    by TritioAFB

    21. Eat Me

    22. In Digestion
    by drewaconclusion

    23. One Horn Man
    by King Redeem

    24. Money$hot
    by MycathatesyouAMV

    by Kakeru_Ikkou

    26. Leave It to Fate
    by Speedy180

    27. Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing (An Ace Attorney Villain Medley)
    by Ally Y.

    28. On The Rocks
    by Pic4

    29. Hard Luck Sensei!
    by Cheis
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  14. KurenaiRoze

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    Here are the ‘Video Games’ playlist of the finalists.

    1. Vault Wars
    by Allegoriest

    2. Good Luck Sloprano
    by Rspectcopyrightmyass

    3. VIP
    by MadMegatax

    4. Battle Scars
    by AngelDragoon

    5. Loot Box Full of Sprays
    by Copycat_Revolver

    6. NerveGear Online
    by Kireblue & SerenityAMV

    by shorisquared

    8. For Azeroth
    by Kahiyao

    9. Imagined Destiny
    by Sanguine Nightmare

    10. Chill, Worry, Edit
    by UnluckyArtist

    11. Desu Standing
    by NoglasticNinja

    12. Pyrrhic
    by PieandBeer

    13. Soothing Sunlight
    by Glitzer

    14. I Love You (Ace Attorney AMV)
    by Ally Y.
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