Kawaii Kon 2020 VAST Video Art Contest - Open!

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  1. KurenaiRoze

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    Hello editors,

    It is that time of the year again! We are proud to announce for Kawaii Kon 2020: the 15th annual Video Art (VA) Contest; the return of our special category contest, Varied Theme Contest (VTC); and Video Medley (VM) Showcase for Kawaii Kon 2020. We also have a new addition: 30 Seconds to VASTness (30-VAST).

    VAST Contests Rules, Short Version
    For full explanations of the Main VA Contest, VTC, 30-V, and VM, please see the long version of the rules
    (https://kawaiikon.com/events/vast/vast- ... uidelines/)

    Who can enter?
    The contest is open to all participants. Although it is strongly encouraged participants in the contest be attendees, attendance is not a requirement for entry. The staffers and judges of VAST will not be able to participate, however other Kawaii Kon staffers are free to enter. Please read and understand all the rules listed below.

    What can I enter?
    Original production video art is welcome and encouraged. Live action and/or self-animated works (by computer or otherwise) are also welcome, but may be judged separately if warranted by the number of entries submitted. The only exclusion is for videos that have been sent to previous Kawaii Kon contests or entered into other VAST showcases in the same year. These videos are ineligible for competition in the VAST contests.

    Where can I enter?
    The only way to enter the VAST Contests is via internet by either through public file transfer sites not requiring memberships to download or your own web hosting site. No hand-in entries will be accepted at the convention.

    When can I enter?
    Entries will be accepted now until Sunday, June 28, 2020 @ 11:59 pm HST.
    Winners will be announced at the conclusion of the Kawaii Kon VAST Video Art Contest on Saturday, August 8, 2020.

    Why do I enter?
    To see your video on the big screen in front of a live audience and for the chance to win recognition and fortune! Okay well, not fortune, but if you are one of the winners, you can “win some wood”! Additional prizes and awards may be awarded at the discretion of the VAST Department. All prizes and awards have a negligible cash value.

    How do I enter?
    Make a video, fill in the entry form, enter it and make sure it gets to us by the entry deadline. Preferred format is MP4/ MKV - other formats will also be accepted. Although your entries will be judged in their original submitted format, they will be converted to MP4/MKV on this end for display / archiving purposes. For the most control over how your video is displayed, it is suggested that you do your own MP4/MKV conversion work.

    Please post questions below in this thread or email the VAST Department at vast@kawaiikon.com
    Do not be afraid to ask!

    Thank you for participating in the contest again!
    Kelly Ann Webb
    Kawaii Kon VAST Executive Officer
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  2. KurenaiRoze

    KurenaiRoze Member AMV Contest Coordinator

    This is your monthly deadline reminder. There is two months left until the deadline. We need more lovee for all showcases. Don't be lazybutt and submit early!
  3. KurenaiRoze

    KurenaiRoze Member AMV Contest Coordinator

    There is one month left until the deadline. Please show more love for Video Art Contest, Varied Theme Contest, 30 Seconds to VASTness, and Video Medley. Don't forget there is two forms for contests (Video Art Contest, Varied Theme Contest, 30 Seconds to VASTness) and exhibition (Video Medley). We can't wait to see what you guys come up with~ [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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  4. KurenaiRoze

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    Here are some glorious wood plaques from last year's winners~
  5. KurenaiRoze

    KurenaiRoze Member AMV Contest Coordinator

    Hello all you KK-VASTers,

    As you have may have assumed, due to the ongoing and escalating COVID-19 threat worldwide, Kawaii Kon has been postponed and will not occur on our original date of May 15-17 2020. This delay helps minimize the spread of the virus, protecting our attendees, guests, and the community at large in our fair state.

    But fear not, the VASTness will go on! Kawaii Kon 2020 will be combining with our sister show, Comic Con Honolulu, August 7-9 2020, for 3-days with all the anime and the pop culture goodness rolled into a very full 3-days of fabulous fun.

    All videos currently submitted into VAST will be held for the new August dates. If you would like to withdraw an entry and / or substitute it with another video (considering a lot of us have a heck of a lot of extra time nowadays), please let us know by emailing us at vast@kawaiikon.com.

    Our new due date isn't set yet, but if you have videos you want to enter, we'll still take them! Once we determine a new due date, we'll update everyone.

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us - and please, everyone be safe out there, keep calm and keep editing videos!
  6. KurenaiRoze

    KurenaiRoze Member AMV Contest Coordinator

    The new deadline date is Sunday, June 28 at 11:59PM HST. Get your entries in~
  7. So a VAST is just a 30 second AMV clip?
  8. KurenaiRoze

    KurenaiRoze Member AMV Contest Coordinator

    For 30 Seconds to VASTness (30-VAST), yes it is a 30 seconds clip.
  9. buma

    buma New Member

    Hey all, buma here - your friendly neighborhood KurenaiRoze had to step back from the VASTness for a bit. So! For the immediate future I will be taking over the reigns of the contest and all the regalia that comes with its position (questions, late nights, and all that editing... oh gawd)

    So if you guys have any questions or concerns about the VAST or any of our contests at Kawaii Kon, please let me know. Thx all and hope to see you entries!
  10. buma

    buma New Member

    Hey all, so if you haven't guessed yet, KK as well as the KK X CCH Megacon has been cancelled for this year due to the ever-present global pandemic. However, we will be holding a virtual con (and contest) in late September! I'll start another post but for all intents and purposes - this thread is closed: all news and announcements for this virtual contest will be via the next post.

    Thx all!

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