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    As the other thread mentioned, Kawaii Kon X Comic Con Honolulu mega-con has been cancelled due to the current ongoing pandemic: however, we are now holding a 3-day virtual convention running from 25-27 September 2020, and of course the VAST will be represented! And to make it as fun and interactive as possible with all our attendees, we have decided to run the Video Art Virtual Fan Contest (or the VFC for short).

    Video Art VFC Rules, full version

    Who Can Enter?

    The contest is open to all participants. Please read and understand all the rules listed below.

    What can I enter?
    Video art is defined as a video production work of editing, mixing audio sources (mostly, but not limited to, music) and video sources (again mostly, but not limited to, anime). Original production video art is welcome and encouraged. Live action and/or self-animated works (by computer or otherwise) are also welcome.

    As this is an online fan contest, family friendly entries are required: in other words, if you can’t show it to your non-progressive, traditional grandma-type figure who always bakes you the best chocolate cookies you’ve ever had kinda person, then it’s probably not ‘family friendly’.

    To enter, you must be the creator (or one of the creators if it is a multi-editor project) of the video production work being entered. You may not enter a video that you did not create nor can you enter a video anonymously. For the VFC, there is a limit of two (2) videos per entrant / group.

    The only exclusion is for videos that have been sent to previous Kawaii Kon contests: these videos are ineligible for competition.

    Where can I enter?
    Because this will be a virtual event, we are drastically changing the entry format. For the VFC, all submissions must be uploaded to a Youtube account and have the video set to be publicly shared. Entrants will be placed into a playlist and run as a ‘watch party’ type event for the premier, and kept up during the entire convention for encore viewings.

    When can I enter?
    Video submissions will be accepted starting NOW! Entry form link is below in the "how do I enter" section.
    Entries will be accepted until 15 September 2020 @11:59pm HST.

    Why do I enter?
    For fame, for glory, for the adulation of the crowds… well maybe not those, but for the fun of it maybe? Really, this one is pretty much for bragging rights this year - we want to showcase your works to our virtual audience and “ooh and aah” over it, so show us what you got!

    How do I enter?
    To enter your video, you must submit a completed online entry form along with your video entries: one form for up to the maximum video entries allowed.

    Note: If submitting a multi-editor project, list all the editors in the real name and editor name sections in the same order, with the contact person as the first person listed. For the email address, only the contact person’s information is required.

    The VAST Department will send you a confirmation email when your entry is received and tested to properly play back on Youtube.

    Video Submissions:
    As stated above, please upload your entries to a Youtube account and have the video(es) set to be either ‘public’ or ‘unlisted’, allowing us to add them to our playlist. Once uploaded, use the “share” link and post that into your entry form.

    There are no file naming requirements, nor are there any restrictions on bumpers, screen titles, credits or other forms of creator / footage / audio identification, etc.

    Lastly, as we will be working directly off your Youtube upload, please ensure that your uploaded entry’s audio and video quality are acceptable to you before you submit it to the VFC. The fans will be voting from your uploaded file, so make sure it’s good!

    Final Notes
    By submitting your video to this contest, you authorize Kawaii Kon staff to screen and distribute it under the Kawaii Kon and / or Kawaii Kon Video Art Showcase Theater (VAST) Contest title. Kawaii Kon staff reserves the right to disqualify entries for any reason deemed necessary to protect the overall quality and integrity of the event. Entries may be disqualified for any of the following reasons: objectionable content, low quality video / audio, failure to adhere to the contest rules, and / or at the discretion of the Video & VAST Department.

    If you have any questions or concerns on any of the above, please feel free to contact us at

    Thank you for participating and good luck to all!
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    Hiya all - this one's exceeding our expectations, so keep them coming! This is your 2 week + 1 day warning for the upcoming deadline. Thx all for participating at KK-Virtual 2020!
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    hey all - 1 week reminder, can't wait to see all the entries! Thx all who've already entered and hope to see more come in, too!
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    LAST DAY for entries - thanks to all who've entered already, to the rest of you, get them entries in! Thx
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    As much as we wanted to take over an entire day with the 80 videos we got for this contest (btw, thanks for everyone who entered - we were floored!) my Events Director would have probably hurt me... she's small, but mighty!

    So, the VAST directors did a pre-judging over the weekend, and from our initial judging results, the following are the semi-finalists, in alpha by editor names (with abbreviated vid titles):
    AnimeTwins (Beat)
    Cirera (Frida)
    Dexter (Marv World)
    DopplerDo (Sboy & Everything)
    drewaconclusion (Fine & RRash)
    E_01 (Conq)
    James Blond (Love)
    Kireblue (Trep)
    Luna Starfall (Rev & Cross)
    Milan21 (ID & Free)
    Nekroz (Punish & Zonia)
    Opner (Journey & Blade)
    ProjectTwinsAMV (Fine)
    Rider4Z (Rending & Fashion)
    shorisquared (Happy)
    Silent Hero Studios (Bang)
    SOGESNAKE (Auto)
    Speedy180 (Tin & River)
    Tasha L (Adrift)
    thefanvideor2 (Losing)
    Tigrin (Show & Break)
    TwigglyFiggly (Drown & Break)
    UnluckyArtist (Too & Eiko)
    vampirekat (Dreams)
    Zeeruy (NorN)
    ZeonicFreak (Ganymede)

    Voting will take place over Friday and Saturday and the winners will be shown on Sunday night. All videos entered will be placed on a playlist for kon-goers to enjoy for at least the following week, so please don't remove your videos quite just yet if you don't mind.

    We'll post the winners here following the show. Good luck everyone and thanks again for entering!
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    Kawaii Kon Virtual Day 3!
    If you haven't see / voted in our Video Arts Showcase Theater's Virtual Fan Contest, you still have time!

    Here are links to all groups: remember you get ONE VOTE PER BLOCK so choose wisely! Voting closes at 12pm noon today (HST, GMT-10) and results will be shown at our Winners Showcase at 6pm (HST, GMT-10) tonight!

    KK official Twitch --> https://www.twitch.tv/kawaiikonofficial

    Group 1 --> https://kawaiikon.com/vast2020-g1/
    Group 2 --> https://kawaiikon.com/vast2020-g2/
    Group 3 --> https://kawaiikon.com/vast2020-g3/

    KK-Virtual Schedule & AA/Dealers listings --> https://www.eventeny.com/…/Kawaii-Kon-x-Comic-Con-Honolulu…/
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    Congratulations to our winners from the VAST Virtual Fan Contest! Thank you to all who participated in the voting process and watched the finalists with us on Twitch. We appreciate every human who enjoy the contest. Here are the winners below:

    Overall Winner
    The Tin Man’s Journey
    by Speedy180

    Group 1 Winners
    Reverie (1st Place Tied)
    by Luna Starfall

    Bending Inferno 2.0 (1st Place Tied)
    by Rider4Z

    Trepidation (3rd Place)
    by Kireblue

    Group 2 Winners
    Now or Never (1st Place)
    by Zeeruy

    Prophecy’s Blade (2nd Place Tied)
    by Opner

    Zonia (2nd Place Tied)
    by Nekroz

    Group 3 Winners
    Break Out the L Word (1st Place)
    by Tigrin

    Breakdown (2nd Place)
    by TwigglyFiggly

    Happy Hour (3rd Place)
    by shorisquared

    Honorable Mention or The “World Needs You”
    Eiko Eighty-Four
    by UnluckyArtist

    Director’s Choice or The “Mozart in a Go-Kart”
    Roadrash Remix
    by drewaconclusion

    Thank you again to the winners and everybody who entered our contest! We hoped to see you all at next year’s contest, hopefully in-person! Stay safe and be healthy!
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    Here are the playlists for Group 1, 2 and 3 below:

    Group 1
    1. Reverie by Luna Starfall
    2. Adrift by Tasha L. & Janikachan
    3. Marvelous World by Dexter
    4. Starboy by DopplerDo
    5. Marvelous World by Dexter
    6. Fine by ProjectTwinsAMV
    7. The Fine Art of Zombicide by drewaconclusion
    8. Trepidation by Kireblue
    9. Bending Inferno 2.0 by Rider4Z
    10. The Tin Man's Journey by Speedy180
    11. Journey To Paradise by Opner
    12. Conqueror by E_01
    13. Punish by Nekro

    Group 2
    1. Prophecy's Blade by Opner
    2. All Our Dreams by vampirekat
    3. Automatonophobia by SOGESNAKE
    4. Love, Chunibyo, & Other Mysticism! by James Blond
    5. Bang Goes the Railgun by Silent Hero Studios
    6. Zonia by Nekroz
    7. Frida by Cirera
    8. The River by Speedy180
    9. Now or Never by Zeeruy
    10. Toxic Too by UnluckyArtist
    11. Independence Day by Milan21
    12. You Can't Stop the Beat by AnimeTwin

    Group 3
    1. The Show Must Go On by Tigrin
    2. Happy Hour by shorisquared
    3. Drowning by TwigglyFiggly
    4. Once Upon A Time in Ganymede by ZeonicFreak
    5. Losing Your Memory by thefanvideoer2
    6. Roadrash Remix by drewaconclusion
    7. Fashion by Rider4Z
    8. Everything I Wanted by DopplerDo
    9. Eiko Eighty-Four by UnluckyArtist
    10. Break Out the L Word by Tigrin
    11. A Breath of Free! by Milan21
    12. Breakdown by TwigglyFiggly
    13. Crossfire by Luna Starfall
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