Knights of Sidonia, Light Years Apart.

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    Since I saw G.E.M.'s music video, a movie theme song for 'Passenger', I've decided to make a mix source video with anime 'Knights of Sidonia'. The lyrics seem to be in match with that anime and I like this song very much, I had tons of fun in editing this, so here is it.

    My first AMV in 2017, happy new year and feel free to leave your comment as always.

    : Knights of Sidonia, BLAME!, Light Years Away, Passenger
    Music: G.E.M.-Light Years Away
  2. The concept was pretty cool. The sources didn't really mesh well with each other. Every time the source switched it really took you out of the mood of the video. I think it would have worked really well if you had just used the "Knights of Sidonia" footage rather than mixing it with the actual music video. Especially as it usually just cut to the singer singing, which made it feel like you didn't have anything better to put there so you just stuck the singer in there. That being said some of the space footage from the actual music video fit pretty well and didn't super stick out unless going into a scene with a completely different coloring in it like at 2:50 into 2:54 you go from something that looks live action and is all blue into a clearly animated source with a lot of red and it really stood out.
    Otherwise it was a cool concept, I just think I would have liked it better with just the anime as the source, I enjoyed it for what it was though. Good job and hope to see more from you in the future.
  3. mittoh!

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    I think that @The_McLaughlin makes some very good points against the multiple sources used, but personally I found it really really interesting (for want of a better word) to see the original video used with the scenes from sidonia. I think it transformed the whole impact of the song into something really unique and im glad it was put together.

    Really good work, thank you for making it! :D
  4. Replay

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    At first, it felt slow and not mixing well until about 1:07, from there, I felt hooked. Now I want to go check out this anime. thanks ^^
  5. exkcal

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    This is a music video for sure. Worked pretty well but I have 0 idea what is going on because I don't know the lyrics or the anime. I like it.
  6. MapleMAD

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    @The_McLaughlin Thank you for your advice and I couldn't be more agree with you on the coloring part, I guess I should put more affords into matching those scenes. When I started this I was striking more for singer's music video and matching lyrics than what I usually did with AMV, so there are plenty montage of the singer. Anyways, thanks again for watching and your kind advice. I appreciate it. ;)

    @mittoh! I'm glad that you like it! :) I was worried that mixing those sources together might look uncomfortable for viewers.

    @Replay Knights of Sidonia is a good sci-fi anime ( it's like attack on titan on space! ), I totally recommend it.

    @exkcal I uploaded a english subtitles with the video together, click CC in the youtube player and the lyrics will appears. Thanks for watching. :)

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