Koe No Katachi/A Silent Voice - With a sad song

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  1. Zora

    Zora New Member

    Video: Koe no Katachi/A Silent Voice [AMV]
    Anime:Koe no Katachi/A Silent Voice
    Song: Kimi Ga Te Wo Nobasu Saki Ni

    Hope you like it.
    Enjoy :)
  2. Puswi

    Puswi New Member

    Hello, I have seen now like 1min 45sec, and the song is truly emotional and fits quite well with the relationship between a boy and a girl, both students :)

    (As I've been commenting, I saw more seconds of the video) Besides, the video quality is really astonishing, the transitions are slow, and that fits truly good with the song!! Other thing: what appears at the 03:21 I never saw it, and it surprised me!! ;) Is like an anime voice appears just before the chorus.

    That's all, great video Kora, Keep it up!!
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  3. Zora

    Zora New Member

    Thank you Puswi senpai for taking your time to give me an informed feedback, at 3:21 was when he shouted out her name, in the movie there is music playing in the background and this is the best i could do to reduce it =.=
    By the way senpai Its Zora not Kora =.=. Have a good day :)
  4. Chibiahiru

    Chibiahiru New Member

    I love how you carefully chose which beats to change on. I think it really brings out the song and ties it together to the anime. And the parallelism with the beginning and the end really ties the whole thing together in a beautiful way.
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  5. The concept was very well done, and the relationship of the two characters was framed well within the song. I can't attest to any lyrical sync in the video as I have no idea what the lyrics mean as I do not speak Japanese, however there was some pretty good beat and internal sync in the video. I really liked the splash in the water and how that was timed so well with the beat at about 3:53.
    The only parts I don't think worked well were the shout at 3:20 because the audio is so different. If it were my video I think I would have just left the audio muted. There is a slight silence in the song there it seems so it could have had a silent scream feel which may have given it another type of strong impact. If you really wanted to keep it in though, I think I would have dipped the song and just faded in the show audio for the scream then out again and then brought the song audio back it. That would have probably made the scream audio less jarring in my opinion.
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  6. Zora

    Zora New Member

    Thanks again Chibiahiru, glad you enjoyed it :)
  7. Zora

    Zora New Member

    I really wanted to make the shout clearer as well but that's the best i could reduce the background music from the movie, I know it sound pretty unfit with the video but i just couldn't leave it out :)
    Thanks The_McLaughlin, glad you enjoyed it :D

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