[konahaANBU] False Solitude - Big Contest 2020

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    False Solitude

    An odyssey through time where the surrounding events are dependent on Takaki for world progression.

    I acknowledge that the concept of time travelling and very similar works do exist and comparisons will be made, but what I have tried to attempt differently is to explore the character development of Takaki more than the time travelling part. Novocaine is a drug used as a local anaesthetic. It can be referred to a pain killer. It eliminates the pain but the damage is there. The song is symbolic referring to the events that have made the protagonist immune to pain. The events may have become the natural part of his life but they have permanently damaged his soul beyond recovery. Time being cruel also eliminates his only messiah Akari as the continuity requires her to die.

    Concluding; This is the 2nd installment in the Nerv verse with iliad being the first, I hope you enjoy this.



    写在最后:这是我所制作的"Nerv verse"系列的第二个作品,第一部是"iliad"

    P.S. : Special Thanks to my kid brother who made me the poster for this.


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