Kumoricon 2017 AMV Contest - ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS

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    Hello everyone! We are pleased to announce that Kumoricon 2017’s AMV Contest is ready for AMV submissions!

    Please follow this link to reach our online rules/submission page: https://www.kumoricon.org/amv-contest

    After a very successful first year at the Portland, Oregon Moda Center, with new and improved AMV programming and the most amount of AMV submissions ever received at Kumoricon, we are thrilled to continue making this one of the greatest AMV venues in the Northwest.

    We also wish to thank Vlad Pohnert for his time and effort assisting us and hosting some of our newest AMV panels. We couldn't have made our growth possible without his support.


    To spice things up this year, we have TWO new categories: FAN FICTION and GUILTY PLEASURES!

    We are also pleased to announce yet another opportunity to be involved. We are opening up online submissions for one of our newest events from last year "AMV Battle Royale!!!"

    We are looking for 4 qualified editors interested in editing in front of a live audience. This year we anticipate a larger turnout, as well as more amazing prizes!

    If you think you have got what it takes, please follow this link to read more: https://www.kumoricon.org/live-amv-contest

    We are so excited to continue hosting some of the best AMVs and AMV programming in the Northwest — and it's all thanks to you that we can make this possible. We look forward to seeing what you create!

    Let the Games Begin!!!


    Here are this year’s rules! They can also be found on the Kumoricon AMV Contest page.


    There are SIX categories for the 2017 contest:

    UPBEAT: We're looking for fast-paced fun.
    INTENSITY: Action, suspense, conflict, triumph, and despair!
    COMEDY / PARODY: Weird. Funny? Surprising!
    COMMERCIALS / TRAILERS: Short, sweet and to the point!
    FAN FICTION: Rewrite the anime. Make your wildest dreams come true!
    GUILTY PLEASURES: Delightfully annoying and cringey. Take the worst of pop culture and make it great.

    ***CONTENT IS PG-13.
    We try to run a clean show. This includes NO themes likely to insult
    or disparage by race, social class, religion, ethnicity, gender,
    or sexuality - because that's NO FUN for anybody.


    ANIME: are Japanese animated productions featuring hand-drawn or computer animation (Video Game footage is NOT anime).
    You MAY include NO MORE then 10% (of total duration) of non-anime (as defined above) video.

    TV station logos ("bugs") and other commercial indices must be obscured or removed.
    Bumpers for non-commercial indices such as studio names, creator names, and promotions for other AMV contests and AMV download sites are

    Parody uses of commercial logos are acceptable.
    No Source Subtitles allowed. Intentionally added Subtitles are OK.

    No more then 4 entries per person, with no more then 1 entry per Category.
    MAXIMUM DURATION: 5:00 minutes.


    To submit, you MUST UPLOAD your file to the Kumoricon Submission page.

    Your FILE NAME must include your AMV TITLE
    Acceptable file formats are: avi, mpg, mp4, and mkv.
    DO NOT send mov, rm, or wmv files.
    Physical media (such as by mail) is NOT accepted at this contest.

    *** By Submitting an AMV, you grant Kumoricon and the Kumoricon Coordinators unconditional permission to use, copy, share and show that AMV.


    Entries MUST be submitted by 4:30pm Pacific Daylight Time (UTC 23:30) on 01-September-2017.

    A panel of judges will convene to review all entries and select up to SIX AMV’s per category. The judges' decision on the playlist is final.
    All entries must have premiered or been created NO EARLIER than January 1, 2015.
    Entries that have been finalists in previous Kumoricon contests are excluded from the 2017 contest.


    Each category will win one prize chosen by audience voting.
    The audience will also choose a Best of Show winner.
    The judges may make a Judges' Choice award, Technical Effects award, and the coordinator's may award an Honorable Mention.
    Therefore, between SEVEN and TEN prizes shall be awarded for 2017.

    A prize is usually an anime DVD or BluRay, a manga or art book.

    EMAIL QUESTIONS TO: amv@kumoricon.org
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    We only have one more week left! Keep the AMVs coming!
  3. Fall_Child42

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    I did the thing

    Man i havn't entered a contest in FOREVER.
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  4. MinetChan

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    Thanks a ton for entering! Best of luck to you. :)
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    Finalists have officially been chosen!

    Below is a list of AMVs that will be shown during the AMV Contest -- which will be taking place on Friday evening (October 27th), starting at 4:00pm.

    Thank you to everyone who entered in videos for our contest. We cannot have such amazing experiences for our audiences without all of you!

    1. Paid Salary - shorisquared
    2. Run Baby Run - Phlashbak
    3. Anime MasterChef - AntaresHeart07
    4. City of Gold - Rider4z
    5. No Limits - UnluckyArtist


    1. Rising - xDieguitoAMV
    2. Blood Oath - Cenit
    3. Numinous - MrNosec
    4. Halharl Aihtikak - MrShmucker
    5. Vertical Limit - [key]Scarlet

    1. Full Metal Hamilton: An Amestrian Musical! - Miracle Falcon
    2. Twintails and Music Clubs - Kyci
    3. Unsatisfied - UnluckyArtist
    4. Martyrdom - Joskua

    1. La Vida Madoka - shorisquared
    2. Livin' With My Bishies #Live - Goober
    3. Burnt Animu - Azukano
    4. When SH#T Happens - Maboroshi Studio
    5. The Greatest Song Ever Written... - FallChild42

    1. Titans RESURGENCE - ProjectTwinsAMV
    2. Tiny Tasties - shorisquared
    3. K Project: Days of Future Kings - Kaizo
    4. The Salt Bae Ultimate Grinder Service - Maboroshi Studio

    1. Beast Heart - [key]Scarlet
    2. Never Give Up! - SliceofLife
    3. A Better Place - Studio le Croc (Maboroshi Studio + That's so Pia)
    4. Audacity - Pwcagal
    5. Engineering BASIC LEE - Cenit

    1. What's This? - Tasha Livingstone
    2. Starboy desu ga? - Nuke
    3. Sick Kaori - Pwcagal
    4. #TalkSkatingToMe - Gina Nelson
    5. Klassik Television - Phlashbak
  6. Fall_Child42

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    Sweet! I made it in, lol Probably won't win but good news anyways!
    Good luck to all the other contestants!
  7. MinetChan

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    Greetings everyone from cloudy Portland, Oregon!

    We are so pleased to announce our AMV award winners for Kumoricon’s 2017 AMV Contest and AMV Battle Royale. There were so many incredible videos in our lineup this weekend (as always) and we cannot do it without each and every one of you. Thank you everyone for submitting. We cannot wait to see what you all turn in next year. Feast your eyes on the results, and remember — keep on editing!

    Kumoricon 2017 AMV Contest Opener - Link
    Kumoricon AMV Contest Playlist (2017 coming soon!)


    Anime Masterchef - AntaresHeart07

    Blood Oath - Cenit

    Fullmetal Hamilton: An Amestrian Musical! - Miracle Falcon

    The Greatest Song Ever Written... - FallChild42

    Tiny Tasties - shorisquared

    Audacity - Pwcagal

    No Limits - UnluckyArtist

    Engineering BASIC LEE - Cenit

    Halharl Aihtihak - MrShmucker

    Vertical Limit - [key]Scarlet

    You Suck! - Tasha Livingstone

    Klassik Television - Phlashbak

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