Leap of Faith

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    I haven't really worked on much videos lately. It's been about 6 months that I posted anything and though I did make few videos these past couple months, I didn't get proper time to upload and share my videos. Well my final year exams are over and here on I'll try to upload more stuff more frequently, can't promise that though but I'll try.

    Anyway, sometime in beginning of this year I was finding sources for a music video I wanted to make but couldn't find any and then I happened to watch this movie whose basic theme is similar to what I wanted to make. So I watched it and ended up making this video using song from movie itself. It's been a long long time I worked on an upbeat song and I'm glad :) to have worked on this video. I hope you like and enjoy this amv.

    MTAC (Entry)
    AnimeCon Arkansas (Upbeat Finalist)
    Zenkaicon (Free Range Fandom Finalist)
    Momocon (V-Mix Competition Best Dance)


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