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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Shin, Dec 16, 2016.

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    absolutely fantastic video, really entertaining and highlighted some basic issues to avoid when editing haha.
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    I was randomly thinking, we all generally want to git gud at this but what does being good mean to you and what elements are necessary for goodness. Conversely what elements equate to badness.
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    Are you opening discussion or is this in response to the suicide squad vid replay posted?
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    Opening discussion.
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    Ditto rider, but on the basis that this is a question,

    AMV's are, no matter the jokes aimed at the idea, a form of art. They are created by the editor with the intent to make something that is on any level, affecting the viewer. Whether this means they are Inducing emotions (of any kind), nostalgia, awe or any other feeling, it is still art. Therefore, I hold the opinion that any video that affected me on any incremental level can be counted as a good amv. I use 'good' as a very loose term though, because that simply means its filling the point of its existence as a form of art. I think the more accurate question is 'what makes a memorable amv?'
    To me a memorable amv isnt just one thats well put together, its one that had an already good concept. This usually means it uses a song thats particularly entertaining in the first place, along with sources, aesthetics or a story that matches the song well. This channeled through technical ability (or experience) can be used to make a memorable AMV. Alternatively this could be a video that drips with a unique style, for example F.Y.C or just funkin dandy.
    Generally I dont tend to view AMV's as bad. I dont think that one can make anything 'bad' if effort is put in, just... forgettable. Referring to my previous points, a lack of emotional weight, usually because of a lack of concept, accompanied with a violation of the essentials of editing (flow and pacing) is what makes a bad amv. Which is probably a lot harder to do than make a good amv, in all honesty.

    i think we should study the intricacies of this art sometime
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    Honestly, I've never really considered ever getting gud tbh. My stance on editing has always been to make what you want to make and for me that's generally what I do, making videos I want to see myself. But if I did quantify the idea of getting good as an editor I suppose it would be to understand how to use my NLE and tools in order to actually produce a video easily and potentially quickly. Beyond that I guess what I'd consider a success as a video is one that successfully conveys the intended feeling, mood, story, ect to the viewer. While generally I don't actually care so much if my intentions are successfully conveyed, as I consider any interpretation of my work to be just as valid as my intended interpretation, it does seem like often this is perhaps the one piece I seem to fail at on a regular basis for various reasons. Take Go from my catalog for example. That video actually had a high concept of juxtoposing the story of the singer with the journey of Nausicaa while also trying to emulate the style of the original music video from the song and implying some heavy tones of disjuncted thought. Though in the end all people saw was text on screen too confusing to read (wasn't meant to actually be read) and as such everyone missed the point. Guess I was too good at being confusing? Who knows? Either way I guess that means it was a bad video. Seemed to go over pretty well with my group of beta testers but other editors hated it. Meh. In the end I made what I wanted to make and yeah that's a success in my book.
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    In that case, the suicide squad video above has great examples of how to (or how not to) cut certain scenes together, simplify visual cues, and the most important piece of the puzzle imo, storytelling methods. This guy explained a lot of tips I use myself and didn't even realize.
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    WMM, overuse of Twixtor, RealVideo, Linkinball that's not Koku's Rage, not editing around hardsubs, having hardsubs to begin with, etc.

    But the main indicator of badness is the "omfg I just made a kewl video it's teh best evar" mindset that brokers no criticism or critique. Yeah, a response of "you suck" is uncalled for, but if someone's generally trying to help, it's not a good sign if the creator attacks that person for wanting to help. Fortunately, most people grow out of that as they continue to pour time into their creations.
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    I edit because is part of the big world of cinematics. I love all that. I used to edit 1 AMV per month, now it's...meeh. If it happens, happens.
    I have this ambition of doing a movie someday :| In the meantime, this is the kind of cringe I'm editing today:

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    Now that’s a deep question, gee…

    I think in terms of editing, my goals are really pretty humble. I became an editor because I wanted to make videos that captured some of the spirit of my favorite shows, and so a lot of my goals for how I want to improve are kind of specialized in a way to that?

    How can I pace my video better? How can I transition naturally between scenes and cuts? How can I make my storytelling clearer? How can I capture the mood of the music in a particular verse, phrase, or even just for that chord?

    I want someone to watch my videos and want to go back and rewatch the show immediately, or be moved to watch it for the first time. I want my video to add something to the show, by capturing the premise, the atmosphere, or character relationships in a unique way or perhaps by telling a unique story. Often the naïve ambition I find myself thinking about when I’m editing a new video is: “I want this video to be the most thematically fitting AMV made to date for this series.”

    One side-effect of this is that I can imagine that I might end up being a highly not-versatile editor, and I’m kind of fine with that. There are ways I can broaden my horizons that I’m interested in—I could see myself doing one of those cool multi-source videos that use a common theme to bridge or connect multiple series. I could also see myself dabble in a more artsy, abstract, less story-driven project. That said, I don’t see myself ever editing a trailer vid, or crossover comedy, etc... I love watching them! I just don’t feel as passionate about editing them myself!

    Currently I’m also wrestling with what my thoughts and goals are regarding technical things and effects. I have a huge amount of respect for people who can incorporate effects creatively, and so part of me really wants to chase improvement in that area as a way to expand the tools I can use to do what I want. There’s so much creativity possible with modern software and that’s seriously exhilarating to me. At the same time, another part of me recognizes that editing an effects-lite or no-fx video that has comparable flow and dynamism to what is attainable with fx is in a way an equally impressive achievement, and there are some videos that I really look up to that succeed at this and inspire me to work towards something similar.

    Of course, the lazy/busy side of me is definitely biased towards continuing to procrastinate learning how to use After Effects… I definitely believe that both paths are not exclusive and can even be pursued simultaneously though… just figuring out where I personally want to go next!
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    Great post! Makes me love that movie even more!
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    This one is more about cinematography and filmmaking, but also deals heavily with editing and there are some fantastic lessons to be learned. If you have never seen any of Andrei Tarkovsky's films, go find "Stalker" and check that out.

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    And btw

    Yessssssssss, Tarkovsky is ❤️❤️❤️

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