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    For the record I had to be talked into this.

    The video is a practice video, just to work with the actual putting together of something. It's a practice/test. Just a way to play around with what little source footage I have and attempt to make something out of it. (Hence why it's named RWBY Test) Feedback/Constructive Criticism is welcome, but not required. This is also the first time I will be remotely putting myself out there, at least when it comes to video editing. Most of what I make has been shared exclusively with people I know.

    Feel free to let me know what you think.

    - K
  2. As I said earlier I think the concept would be stronger if it were structured slightly better. so that it kind of told the tale of younger fighters growing up together and learning to fight together.
    My favorite part is the transition into Torchwick it fits the mood pretty well and he walks to the beat of the music creating some good internal sync. However there are also a few areas where you have high action clips set to slower more mellow parts of the song and it doesn't fit the mood as well.

    Putting your stuff out there is good for you. It shall allow you to grow to get the opinions of others rather than just me.
    It's really not bad and could probably fix most of its issues with a re-edit, the concept is there. Can't wait to see what you do with this in the future or the possible Fair Tale amv you talked about in the future if you decided to leave this particular video be.
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    Tfw uses one of my fav shows and fav songs for a vid.

    I liked the story you were trying to tell behind it but you started a bit too early with the action. I can see you were experimenting with different transitions, but i recommend trying to relearn how you order clips :DD
    Most good AMVs use a scene swap on the beat, and i know quite a few good vids that use those very scenes without running out of material, so it shouldnt be too hard. That and a nice sense of flow would work well. :D

    Apart from that, the combination has potential!
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    I always have a practice project somewhere for testing stuff, etc.

    For this practice video, I would focus on breaking up your scene selection to match the flow of the song

    keep it up! ^^

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