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    Hello Everyone,

    This forum is to announce the Matsuricon 2017 AMV contest for which we are now accepting entries. Matsuricon will be held on August 25th - 27th in Columbus, OH, USA. And the contest itself will be a part of it. This year we are including what we are calling, the Alternative MV contest. This is for fan made MVs that do not have Japanese anime as the source videos such as live action (of any kind), and non-anime animation. And if anyone has any 18+ videos, we do have a spot for that as well.

    All of this will be a part of our new feature we are calling the Video Entertainment Showcase room (or VES for short). The staff that will be handling the contests this year will be referred to as the VES staff. I bring this up because the name is in the rules in case anyone gets confused.

    Contest Information:

    - Editors may submit videos for the following:

    Main AMV Contest: which will be divided into 6 categories:


    Alternative MV Contest: These videos will be shown away from the actual AMV contest as separate categories since this contest is new to Matsuricon. This will consist of the following categories:

    18+ AMV
    Non-anime Animated MV (for the sake of this contest, anime refers to Japanese Animation. Non-anime animation is for all other forms of animation.
    Live-Action MV (Cosplay, Movies, TV, and anything live-action)

    Exhibition: This will not be a contest entry but rather shown during the exhibition showing.

    - All submitted videos will be screened by the VES Co-Heads. If the video passes the screening test, it will go to the respective queue.
    - Each category is subject to be dropped if there are not enough entries or if the judges deem the quality of no less than two videos to only be contest worthy.
    - Once all contest videos are submitted, a team of judges will grade all videos submitted. Both the Main AMV and Alternative contests will be comprised based on the following:

    The top 4 to 5 videos per each category (depending on number of submissions and contest viewing time) will make the competition.
    If there is a tie between video rankings, the VES Co-Heads will determine which video will over rule the other.
    The individual video with the highest score amongst all categories will win Best of Show.

    - The awards that will be given out at Matsuricon are as follows:

    Main AMV Contest:

    Best of each category (Action, Drama, Romance, Upbeat/Dance, Comedy, Trailer)
    Matsuricon 2017 Audience Choice
    Best of Show - Best of Show will not win best of its category. The best of category will go to the video which scored the next highest. Also the Best of Show award is for the AMV contest only.

    Alternative MV Contest

    Best of Non-Anime Animation
    Best of Live Action
    Best of 18+

    - There will be more information to come in regards to prizes, awards, and shipping as they are revealed.
    - All information and announcements will be posted on the Matsuricon Facebook page, the VES Facebook page, the Matsuricon Twitter page, the forums page, and other potential outlets.
    - All categories are subject to change or be removed altogether from both contests in order to meet the number of submissions required.


    - All videos must be registered online before it can be submitted.
    - A link to the registration form will be included at the end of the contest rules.
    - Each section of the form marked by “required” must be filled out. Failure to do so may cause a delay in a response or downright rejection of the registration.
    - Upon completion of the registration form, a confirmation e-mail will be sent out. This includes instructions on how to submit the registered video based on the submission format.
    - There are three submission formats accepted:

    Google Drive - This method will include instructions from the confirmation e-mail on connecting to the shared folder for the contest. If a gmail account is available, it is recommended that this account be put into the registration so that the video file can be transferred in an easier fashion.
    Download link - This can be from a personal cloud link where the registered video sits on, such as such as Google Drive, Sendspace, etc. This link must allow for download of the video. A streaming site such as YouTube is not permitted.
    Physical Mail - This is where the file is on a DVD-RW or BD-RW. This must be burned as a DATA disk and not authored.

    - Each file name must be formatted using the following: “<Editor Credits Name>-<AMV Title>-<category>.<ext> (please see rules for accepted file extensions). This format must also be mentioned in the registration form as this is how each submitted video gets sorted out. Failure to meet these requirements may cause a delay in the processing of the AMV for the contest.
    - Editors who are registering to the contest should wait for a confirmation e-mail before submitting the video. Please allow up to 24 hours after registration for the confirmation e-mail.
    - All submitted videos will undergo an initial screening process from the VES Co-Heads. Once this screening is complete, a confirmation e-mail will be sent back to the editor confirming the received video(s). This confirmation e-mail will also include if the video passes or failed the screening test. If it passed, it will go to the proper queue. If it failed, then there will be either instructions on clearing up the infractions or a notice that the video has been outright rejected, depending on the issue at hand.
    - Registration and video submission will be accepted starting on April 1st, 2017.
    - The registration form will go offline at the end of the day July 15th, 2017.
    - All registered videos must be turned in by the end of the day July 20th, 2017 at 11:59 PM EST.
    - All submitted videos are automatically authorized to be screened and distributed for the purposes of the Matsuricon 2017 convention dated August 25th – 27th 2017. All physical media submitted will become property of Matsuricon and will not be returned.

    Exhibition Information:

    - The exhibition showing is for any submitted video that passes the initial screening test but is not voted into the contest, and for any video submission that was specified to only be presented during this showing. This is so all submitted and approved AMVs get shown at Matsuricon. All alternative contest category submissions that do not make it in the proper contests will be shown in its own separate exhibition showing, pending the number of submissions and the time that is available.

    Contest Rules:

    - The contest is open to any and everyone who would like to submit a video, provided the rules are followed. Attendance to Matsuricon 2017 is not required, though we would love to see you there.
    - Collaborations or multi-editor projects (MEPs) will be accepted. All names of the collaborators are to be included when filling out the registration (even if a studio name is applicable). Please see the contest registration info for more details.
    - Editor(s) are allowed to submit up to two videos to the contest. Multiple contest submissions must be in different categories. For those who are submitting a collaboration/MEP video, all names used in the submission will count as submitting one AMV. Any solo submissions afterwards will count as a second entry and would have to be in a separate category from the collaboration.
    - Editors are allowed to submit a third video but it must either be for the Alternative MV contest or for exhibition.
    - All submitted videos must be registered in full using the online registration form. Please see the appropriate forums for the link to the registration form.
    - Only videos created after January 1st, 2017 (first time Matsuricon entry) will be allowed. This will be enforced to the best of the VES Co-Heads’ abilities. However, it is requested that all editors please use the honor system for this.
    - The video length must be more than 1 min (60 seconds) long and less than 6 min (360 seconds) long.
    - For the Main AMV contest:

    - Video sources must be at least 85% anime, manga, and/or video game footage all of Japanese origin.
    - Video sources must be PG-13 in its content.

    - For the Alternative MV contest:

    - Non-anime animation : Must be animation from a source that is not directly Japanese. Footage can still be from a source that is “inspired” by a typical Japanese-based anime. Ex: RWBY or Avatar: The Last Airbender. (Note: these are just examples and this does not mean these are the only sources allowed. Anything from Disney to Independent animation is allowed as a source for this category.)- Live-Action MV: must be from Live-Action footage only and the content must be at least PG-13.
    - 18+: Sources must be at least 85% anime, manga, and/or video game footage all of Japanese origin. The source footage would contain content that is only suitable for an older audience (18 years or older to be exact).

    - No “copied” or stolen videos are allowed. The definition of copied is any or all use of material from AMVs edited by someone other than the submitter. If a submitted AMV is found to contain copied material, that video will be disqualified and the editor(s) will be banned from entering future Matsuricon AMV contests. No exceptions.
    - For audio content, no songs or other audio with racial content (deliberately expressing the superiority of one race over another), sexually explicit content or anything that you wouldn’t see in a PG-13 movie. For video content, the same rules above apply. Keep it PG-13. If we receive a video with minor infractions to the above rules that can be fixed with bleeps or censors. The editor will be informed and asked to make those corrections.
    - Please note, for the 18+ AMV category, sexually explicit content, nudity, excessive gore/violence, and music with uncensored adult language are all permitted.
    - All videos are allowed as many video sources as the editor chooses. However, there can only be allowed up to two audio sources.
    - Please submit the video in one of the following formats only:

    .mp4 (preferred)

    - The following will not be allowed in the video:

    - Audio sound (not video footage) from any anime or video game that is not licensed for commercial distribution in North America, Europe, or anywhere outside of Japan/Pacific Rim area. Audio sound from an anime or video game that is licensed for commercial distribution in North America, Europe, or anywhere outside of Japan/Pacific Rim area will be allowed.
    - Bumpers or Credits: Credits are described as any video related information such as editor name, AMV title, etc. that is shown at the beginning or ending of a video. This also includes “Thanks for Watching”, “Subscribe” or something similar. Uniform bumpers will be provided in the contest and exhibition presentations for all submitted and qualified AMVs. This may be allowed if such identification is done creatively in a way that cannot be easily removed. However this, like all other rules, is left to the VES co-head's discretion.
    - All logos
    - All watermarks
    - Screen Names
    - Fan or commercially produced subtitles: This only pertains to the video source of the AMV or GMV. Editors are allowed to create their own subtitles or any other text for any reason of their choosing (ex: for translation purposes) as long as it relates to the AMV. Please keep in mind that this will be shown on a DVD format, which may stretch the video out, resulting in the subtitles getting cut off.

    - The VES head reserves the right to reject any video for any other reason not mentioned in the rules.


    The rules were released as of April 1st, 2017. If there are any rules that need to be clarified, it will be done so within the next couple of weeks after the rules are released. However after April 15th, 2017, all rules shown above will be deemed final and non-negotiable. If there are any rules that are deemed confusing and/or unreliable to a point which hinders the contest, please address them with the Matsuricon VES Co-Heads. The final say and any announcements on the matter will be at the discretion of the Matsuricon VES Co-Heads. The VES Co-heads can be contacted via the following links:

    FB: ... page_panel

    All physical submissions must be mailed to the following address:

    Matsuricon Music Video Contest
    6499 Nottinghill Trail Drive
    Canal Winchester, OH 43110

    To register, please click here:
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    Hey everyone. We've made a few changes to our contest which I would like to post here. Please read through them before registering to the contest. And of course if anyone has any questions for me on these changes, please let me know. But otherwise, the Alternative MV contest will be done away with entirely. However we are still accepting such videos. They will just have the opportunity to be a part of the main contest proper. Both the Live-Action MV and Non-Anime Animation MV categories will be shown at the contest. However due to time restraints, we will only be able to show just one video for each. Basically the best of both categories as determined by our panel of judges.

    With regards to the 18+ AMV contest, that will remain separate, to be shown at an hour which is appropriate. This contest will have its own awards as well which will be announced during the showing itself. For more information on the rules, please see the contest rules section.

    All non-contest videos will be shown at our exhibition showing.

    Finally, our registration form should reflect the new changes to the contest format.

    Otherwise, most of the previously posted contest information should be in tact. But of course, please let me know should there be any questions or concerns.
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    Hello everyone. Just wanted to bump this up as our deadline for registration is just one week away (end of day July 15th, 2017). We are still in the need of videos from all of our categories. So if you haven't registered yet and would like to do so, we would be more then happy to have you.
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    Registration is now closed. Thank you to everyone that has entered to the contest.

    If we have not received the registered video(s), please send them in by the end of the day, the 20th of July. An extension may be requested and granted on a case by case basis. But I do ask to please email me if such is needed. If your video has been submitted in and there has been no confirmation back on my end, please be patient as you may not get a confirmation until the end of the week.
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    Hey everyone. Once again, thank you to everyone who have submitted videos to our humble contest and exhibition. I have our contest and exhibition set list ready to announce. First will be the exhibition showing. For this we will be breaking them up for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for an hour showing each day:


    • Heathens || PMMM MEP by PMMMStudios – Puella Magi Madoka Magica – Heathens by Twenty One Pilots
    • Superbeast by Shinigami41395 – Attack on Titan – Superbeast by Rob Zombie
    • Blade Tear by Hikan – Fate/Stay Night – Wien by Syberian Beast Meets Mr Moore
    • By My Sisters by AMV-X - A Certain Scientific Railgun S, A Certain Magical Index - By Myself (Reanimation) by Linkin Park
    • Heartburn by Copycat_Revolver - Haikyuu - Tightrope by Walk The Moon
    • Ignite by Mizuirotv - The King's Avatar - Ignite (Final Remix) by Zedd
    • Middle Blocker by Zeeruy - Haikyuu - Let's Get This Started Again by Live My Last
    • Feeling Kinda Naughty by HeBootTooBig - Yuri!!! On Ice - Feeling Kinda Naughty by Rachel Bloom
    • FREAK=me by AngelMaeVictory - Level E - Freak Like Me by Hollywood Ending
    • Loot Box Full of Sprays by Copycat_Revolver - Overwatch - The Mojo Radio Gang by Parov Stelar
    • From The Pages by Kira - Multiple - Staying (JackM Remix) by Koda, Nabari no Ou Audio
    • Automatic by MadMegatax - Chobits - Automatic by Big Data ft. Jenn Wasner
    • Infectious Affections by drewaconclusion - MM! - Tainted Love by Soft Cell
    • Timing by Zandersen – Your Lie in April – Timing by Zach Andersen


    • Oeuvre by Hiroto Sumi - Fate\Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya - Opus by Hi-Finesse
    • Numinous by MrNosec - Multiple - Take It All by Modestep & Koven, Guardians at the Gate (Access Denied Remix) by Audiomach
    • Amor Fati by AnimeMash & AngelDragoon - Steins;Gate - Black Clouds by Hidden Citizens ft Eivor
    • Darker Than Black AMV - Cold by Shinigami41395 - Darker than Black, Darker Than Black: Gemini of the Meteor - Cold by Crossfade
    • Harmony by Epitome - Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works - Becoming Harmonious by The Glitch Mob
    • History Has Its Eyes on You, Young Midoriya by TazerLad - My Hero Academia - History Has Its Eyes on You by Lin-Manuel Miranda & Christopher Jackson
    • Persona Monster by SerAvium - Persona 3 The Movie - Monster by Starset
    • Replacement by Hikan - Kuzu No Honkai - Ruins by Ryder
    • Striving for First by Magicflier for Illuminated Studios - Hibike! Euphonium - Sakura no Hanabiratachi (2008 Original Mix) by AKB48
    • Demi-Chan Won't Say She's in Love by TazerLad - Demi-Chan wa Kataritai - I Won't Say I'm In Love by Susan Egan
    • Empire of Dirt by Kira - No. 6 Manga - Hurt by Leona Lewis
    • Falling Stars by AngelMaeVictory - Kimi no Na Wa - Falling Stars by David Archuleta
    • Feudal Fairytale by Sean.PNG - Inuyasha - Wildfire by Marinanas Trench
    • Hearts on Ice by MinetChan - Yuri!!! On Ice - Silent Hearts by BT


    • La Vida Madoka by shorisquared for Tsunderbird Studios - Puella Magi Madoka Magica - Livin' La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin
    • Lovesick Fool – MEP by Exploding StarsStudio – Yona Of The Dawn,Kyoukai No Kanata,Space Battleship Yamato 2199,Fairy Tail, Nagi No Asukara,Kami-Sama Hajimemashita,Naruto,Idolmaster,Yuri On Ice,BungouStray Dogs, Tamako Love Story - Rising Above By The Chain Smokers
    • Stay With Me by AMV-X - The Garden of Words - Stay by Poets of the Fall
    • Take Me With You by Zeeruy - Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun - Take Me With You by Cartel
    • Together by Deliume - Hibike! Euphonium - Love by Olivia Ong
    • Waiting For Words by Zandersen - ef: A Tale of Memories - Waiting for Words by Zach Andersen
    • Terror In Psycho Pass Trailer by OhJay - Psycho Pass, Terror in Resonance - Psycho Pass & Terror audio, Suspense Music by Mastermind (non-Copyrighted)
    • Warriors by RasenChidoriSniperShots - Attack On Titan - Equilibrium by Colossal Trailer Music, Attack on Titan Audio
    • A Sporting Chance by Tigrin for Otaku Lounge Productions - Multiple - Could Have Been My by The Struts
    • FREAK=me by AngelMaeVictory - Level E - Freak Like Me by Hollywood Ending
    • Let's Party Up! By TheAsian777 - KonoSuba: God's Blessing On This Wonderful World! - ME!ME!ME! Ft Miku by YZYX
    • Our Time by PaNTSU oF d00m - Multiple - Shooting Star by Owl City
    • Running by Nepty - Multiple - Running in the 90s by NJB
    • Night Witches by Sephiroth - Youjo Senki - Night Witches by Sabaton

    We are also bringing back what we call the VES AMV/MV post-contest extravaganza. This showing will feature videos that we enjoyed or that we found interesting in their own right, but did not make it into the contest proper. The extravaganza will be an intimate showing which will feature our judges commenting on said videos and there will be some audience participation as well. Here is our set list for the extravaganza:

    • Doki Doki Diary by Auto AMVs – Future Diary – Doki Doki Morning by BABYMETAL
    • Magical Winter by SwordHappyFox – Multiple – Wizards in Winter by Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    • Renge’s Host Club by Miss Fimbleton – Ouran Highschool Host Club – I Like a Boy in Uniform by The Pipettes
    • A Reason to Change by Azukano for AzukanoAMVs - A Silent Voice - The Reason by Hoobastank
    • I’ll Be by Astral – Nisekoi – I’ll Be by Edwin McCain
    • The Lights in the Sky by HeBootTooBig – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – I See the Light by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi
    • Spiralwalker by shorisquared for Tsunderbird Studios – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann – You’re Welcome Parody by OverEnglishMan
    • Vicissitude by ngsilver for Chaotic Bad-Raptor - Space Pirate Captain Harlock (2013) - The Danger by Kristine
    • Starco~Alone by SwordHappyFox – Star vs The Forces of Evil – Alone by Alan Walker
    • Protectors of the Crystal by xSnowflakes for Fidelity Studios – Final Fantasy XV, Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive – Warriors by Imagine Dragons
    • Let’s Play a Game by Mysunsai – Psycho-Pass – Little Game by Benny
    • Never Give Up! By SliceOfLife - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - Never Give Up by Tony Stafford & Michael Smith
    • Vanilla Sundae by Sean.PNG - Teen Titans - Vanilla by Gackt
    • Audacity by pwcagal272 - Your Lie in April - Lose Yourself by Eminem

    And here is our contest set list for Matsuricon 2017:


    • Deeznuts 2 by MycathatesyouAMV – Pom Poko, Various – Run You by The Qemists
    • Fight Back by Sean.PNG – Soul Eater – Demons by Icon for Hire
    • Rising by xDieguitoAMV for Crows AMVteam – Boku no hero Academia (My Hero Academia) – Another Way by Girugamesh


    • Livin’ With My Bishes #Live by Goober – Yuri On Ice!!! - #Selfie by The Chainsmokers
    • LOVE by PaNTSU of d00m – Multiple – Love is Like Drugs by JonTron
    • WWJD? by Studio Hawk – Multiple – WWJD? by The Axis of Awesome


    • Deep End by MinetChan – Multiple – Deep End by Ruelle
    • Teardrop by Soniceric2001 – Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice) – Teardrop by Chouchou
    • Tilted by MycathatesyouAMV – Re:Zero – If I Break by Red


    • Eternally by xDieguitoAMV for Crows AMVTeam – Multiple – Wherever You Will Go by Charlene Sorala
    • Our Promise by Lucariouch for Illuminated Studios – Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie In April) – Paris by The Chainsmokers
    • Sick Kaori by pwcagal – Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie In April) – Sick Glenda by The Lonely Island


    • The Revival Effect by Tigrin for Otaku Lounge Productions – Erased – The Butterfly Effect Trailer
    • Titans RESURGENCE by ProjectTwinsAMV – Attack on Titan – Independence Day RESURGENCE Trailer
    • Yuri On Ice!!! The Honest Trailer by Maboroshi Studios – Yuri On Ice!!!, Free!!, Keijo!!!!!!!! – History Maker Instrumental by Dean Fujioka + VO by Joseph Croasdaile

    Upbeate – Dance

    • Anime MasterChef by AntaresHeart07 – Multiple – Napal Banji by PSY
    • Dance, Dance, Dance by Drabaz – Dragon Ball – Can’t Stop This Feeling by Justin Timberlake
    • Twintales and Music Clubs by Kyci – K-ON, Non Non Biyori, Nichijou, Watamote, Tamako Market – First of the Year (Equinox) by Skrillex

    Live Action MV

    • Letting Go by Maboroshi Studios for Studio le Croc – Star Wars IV, V, VI, VII – Letting Go by Michael Giacchino
    • SuperBat Z by drewaconclusion – Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Dragon Ball Z: Main Theme (Rock the Dragon) by Shuki Levy

    Non-Anime Animation MV

    • Defenders of the Galaxy Vol 2 by MadMegatax – Voltron: Legendary Defender – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Trailer
    • Innocence by Riolugirl111 – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Innocence by Madeon
    • The Third String by Tigrin for Otaku Lounge Production – Kubo and the Two Strings

    Finally we also had an 18+ contest to which we did get a few videos for. This of course will be shown at our 18+ event in the VES room. We broke it down since this is it's own thing, to just 4 videos for this contest:

    • Dick Dimension by Goober - Rick and Morty - Dick Dimension by Hell Orbs
    • In Your Endo by MinetChan - Various - Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo (The Jason Nervins Remix) by Bloodhound Gang
    • Rising Thermometers by drewaconclusion - Naughty Nurses - Candy Stripe Nurses "Commercial Audio"
    • Suk A Big Dik by shorisquared for Tsunderbird Studios - Oreimo - I Am Ur Leader (Rap Cover) by Nyanners

    Again, thank you everyone who registered and submitted to this contest. And thank you to everyone running AMV Central for allowing us a platform to announce this contest. And for anyone that has any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to ask.
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    And now for one last post to this forum, here are the results of the VES AMV/MV Contest for Matsuricon 2017.

    Best of Action:
    · Deeznuts 2 for MycathatesyouAMV – Pom Poko, Various – Run You by The Qemists

    Best of Comedy:
    · WWJD? by Studio Hawk – Multiple – WWJD? by The Axis of Awesome

    Best of Drama:
    · Tilted by MycathatesyouAMV – Re:Zero – If I Break by Red

    Best of Romance:
    · Eternally by xDieguitoAMV for Crows AMVTeam – Multiple – Wherever You Will Go by Charlene Sorala

    Best of Trailer:
    · Yuri On Ice!!! The Honest Trailer by Maboroshi Studios – Yuri On Ice!!!, Free!!, Keijo – History Maker Instrumental by Dean Fujioka + VO by Joseph Croasdaile

    Best of Upbeat-Dance:
    · Dance, Dance, Dance by Drabez – Dragon Ball – Can’t Stop This Feeling by Justin Timberlake

    Best of Live Action MV:
    · Letting Go by Maboroshi Studio for Studio le Croc – Star Wars IV, V, VI, VII – Letting Go by Michael Giacchino

    Best of Non-Anime Animation MV:
    · The Third String by Tigrin for Otaku Lounge Productions – Kubo and the Two Strings – Friction by Imagine Dragons

    Best of 18+:
    · Rising Thermometers by drewaconclusion – Naughty Nurses – Candy Stripe Nurses “Commercial Audio”

    Audience Choice:
    · Yuri On Ice!!! The Honest Trailer by Maboroshi Studios – Yuri on Ice!!!, Free!!, Keijo – History Maker Instrumental By Dean Fujioka + VO by Joseph Croasdaile

    Best of VES AMV/MV Contest for Matsuricon 2017
    · Rising by xDieguitoAMV for Crows AMVteam – Boku no hero Academia (My Hero Academia) – Another Way by Girugamesh

    A great thanks to everyone who participated in this year's contest. We hope to see you again next year.

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