Matsuricon 2019 VES AMV Contest - Registration to close on July 15th

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    The Matsuricon VES AMV Contest is now open for submissions. What is Matsuricon? We are a annual Japanese pop-culture convention based out of Columbus, OH, USA and will be to be held on August 16 – 18 of this year. What is VES? VES stands for Video Entertainment Showcase. We have a specialized room at Matsuricon called the VES room. And in this room, we show AMVs, MMVs, GMVs, MADs and any other sub-genre of AMVs that we can think of.

    Our contest is scheduled to be held on August 17th, and on the same day we’ll announce the winners. But of course, we need videos to compete in the contest. So, we’re inviting all editors to submit their videos to our contest. Registration ends on July 15th. All types of video sources are welcome (though we know the bulk will be anime). And we even have an 18+ contest as well.

    Before submitting, please check out our rules (as well as our regular website) at

    You may register using via our submission form:

    For updates, please check out our social media sites:

    Thank you to everyone in the AMV community. We look forward to seeing everyone’s videos.
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    Wanted to let everyone know that at this juncture, we're in need for videos in all categories.

    And also this is a good time to let you know that we have a new promotional video for the contest, courtesy of xElle & DistantMelodies
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    TY to all of the editors that submitted to our contest. As of this post, we are just a couple of days away from the registration deadline of EOD July 15th. And we would still love videos from all of the categories.
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    Hey everyone. Wanted to post our set lists for Matsuricon 2019, to be held on August 16th - 18th, 2019

    Exhibition Showing for Friday -

    Exhibition Showing for Saturday Morning -

    Exhibition Showing for Saturday Night -

    Our Contest Set List to be shown on Saturday at 2 PM ET -

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