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Discussion in 'New AMV Announcements' started by ZephyrStar, Dec 15, 2016.

  1. ZephyrStar

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    I wanna be great, but sometimes...
    I wait a long time to release videos I should have released well over a year ago >_>

    I'm pretty bad at procrastinating sometimes. And being a perfectionist. This is a video I made in 2015 for Nan Desu Kan's AMV contest, and was a finalist! I feel it adequately reflects my procrastination. I love Barakamon, such a great slice of life show and reminds me a lot of Yotsuba To! ...if there were ever a Yotsuba anime, I would cast the VA for Naru as Yotsuba.

    As a side note, I still have a few more unreleased videos that I'll be finishing up and releasing in the next few weeks!
  2. Joskua

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    This song fits well with the series!
    I like the vibe in this video, GJ CHRIS.
    Handa is top husbando
  3. Axel

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    The video has a very nice chill vibe to it xD,and also the song it's quite catchy,i like it !
  4. Replay

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    The barenaked ladies is one of my fav bands X3
  5. mittoh!

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    Very very upbeat video, made me smile :D
  6. Shin

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  7. Radical_Yue

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    Fuckin' bout time. This is such a fun lil vidya.
  8. I really liked how you included many of the small funny moments of the show. They fit well into the video and hit well on the beats. Kind of put emphasis on the main character and kids relationship. Good upbeat fun video.

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