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    I am Safi. I got this weird nick name due to my ex-obsession with Naruto 3 years back. I got stuck with it coz most of my tags are of this nick. I started mid May this year:(.(yes i made an amv 2 years back but that was it). I primarily use SV for timeline and storyboard and AE for compositing. Currently in process of transition from SV to premiero_O. i am currently doing bachelors in Electrical Engineering but i am executive in Film Making in Media Club @ uni. I suck @ flow:( . idk ..may be i'll improve if I work hard. I just wish i get good mentor for Next year's level UP. or idk if AmvCentral can bring smth similar that would be great too.
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    Welcome to the forum, Safi!
    Don't hesitate to ask for help for your future projects, there are many good editors that will give you advice! i'm not good but i'll cheer for you and everyone trying to improve qwq

    About what you comment: I think we have the opportunity to plan some contests, the site is still new so we appreciate feedback and suggestions, if too much people is interested in a certain kind of competition it may become real, who knows ;)
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    haha some of my friends are also doing electrical engineering, its an awesome degree to learn. Good to meet you :D
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    yop !
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    that's good to hear.
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    ?? :eek:

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