MomoCon 2019: Live Performance AMV Concert

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    MomoCon is pleased to announce that our AMVs on Stage: Live Performance Concert will be returning for 2019! This year, we'll be working with YouTubers Caleb Hyles, Adrisaurus (Adriana Figueroa), FamilyJules, OR3O and DAGames to showcase videos edited specifically for the event, and accompany them with music performed live on our concert stage. And so we're putting out a open call for editors to create new and exciting AMVs for it. Anyone selected to have their videos showcased will receive a free 4-day membership to MomoCon 2019!
    Submission Deadline: May 6th
    Concert Date: May 24
    Location: Georgia World Congress Center - Atlanta Ga

    How this works
    • 1. Editors will select songs from the music catalogs of the following performers:2. Selected songs should primarily feature the vocals of one or more of the performers mentioned above. And in the case of FamilyJules, you can also reserve a vast number of instrumental songs. Songs that also feature vocals from performers not at MomoCon can be considered on a case by case basis.
      3. A song may not be reserved by more than one editor (even if it has a different performer). So with this in mind, editors will need to notify me of which songs they are "claiming" so that it can be reserved in this document. Editors are also discouraged from reserving songs that were performed last year.
      4. All forms of animation may be used for your video, and a series may be used multiple times by multiple editors.
      5. Audio cuts or modifications to the music will not be allowed. If you choose to edit with a song, you must edit with it in its entirety.
      6. In order to main audio consistency, we recommend that you edit your videos with audio purchased from either iTunes, Amazon, Google Play or bandcamp. Songs only available on YouTube may also be considered on a case by case basis.
      7. All videos must be completed by Monday, May 6th. Editors are also expected to periodically upload betas and WIPs (work in progress) of their videos to this folder.
      8. In the case of a submitted video failing to meet reasonable quality or encoding standards, it may be excluded from the concert. Also, in the case of MomoCon receiving too many videos to showcase during the event, some videos may be cut for time.
    After you finish editing your video, you'll send it to me, and I'll request a instrumental/ non vocal version of your song from the corresponding performer. I'll then swap out your video's audio with the instrumental track, render it as a 720p H.264 MP4, and make it available for both you and the performers to review.
    During the concert, the instrumental version of your video will be played, and the performers will sing over it to provide the vocals.
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in this thread. And don't forget that any video finished by our April 23rd AMV & V-MIX Competition deadline is more than welcome to participate in that as well. We look forward to seeing all your videos :awesome:
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