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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ploxerdon, Jan 21, 2017.

  1. Ploxerdon

    Ploxerdon I have returned

    So yeah, we are basically all AMV editors here.

    But there is one issue I often have (and I know some editors I know have too/have had).. And thats motivational issues.
    You have the anime ready, but you simply can't be bothered to edit. The motivation is just there, you can't be bothered to start. And looking at your own edits only makes you feel like shit, you just start hating your own work.

    Any others here who have (had) similar issues? If so, what did you do to get rid of it if you did?
  2. ZoroIttoryu

    ZoroIttoryu Pirate Hunter

    I have this motivation block too for a long time now, i really cant finish videos outside ics rip
    I guess it will pass with time or it will get worse haha rip
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  3. Kazu

    Kazu Pink Power

    I do have this block every single time. Watching other AMVs motivates me to continue my work and do something much better. Or at least try to xD I have a few the most favorite AMVs that I keep re-watching for years and years. Some of my MEP parts that I did years ago helps me out to motivate myself. The other thing that motivates me to finish something or start new one are AMV battles that I take part in. I usually get 3 weeks to finish an AMV and each time I try to push myself and do 'my best' within this (sadly) short deadline.
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  4. Ploxerdon

    Ploxerdon I have returned

    I guess its something a lot of people have it haha.
    Watching great AMVs sometimes does the job, but sadly it hasn't done anything for me recently, I have issues finish anything.
    I guess we kinda are in the same boat.. Maybe AMV Roulette shall help.

    Maybe it's normal eh. But yeah, I seem to suffer from this nonstop, I have a hard time making AMVs nowadays. Even watching other AMVs doesn't cut it for me, it used to help a lot. I used to rewatch a few AMVs all the time too, but that just stopped working for me. My own work only de-motivates me, I simply don't like my own work... The only way this can work is me being like omg this is so bad, I should be able to do better... Sometimes I do, sometimes I do worse which only makes me less motivated.

    I don't really do anything like MEPS, battles or whatever... that might help eh
  5. Kazu

    Kazu Pink Power

    I don't think if you push yourself to edit will make it better. I mean.. editing at some point should be fun and you gotta feel satisfied, right? Take a break. Sometimes people need a few years to rest from it. Or you need to try something else, a different style maybe? It doesn't have to be anime.
    How about trying out live tv sources? Movies? Or do lyrics only for the songs? Try to make your own movie? A short movie? You can try ICs that are going around or try to join AMV Contests and see how good you are among other editors. Maybe it will motivate you to practice more and go for more?
    As I said.. don't push/force yourself if you don't feel like editing. Take it easy <'3
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  6. Ploxerdon

    Ploxerdon I have returned

    Maybe you have a point yeah, but I currently want to edit, the problem sometimes is what to edit though you know. Have done so many unfinished AMVs, many of mine got deleted too, but in total I have made a load of AMVs. I mean, I know enough good songs, but finding a song to actually edit with is different imo.

    But yeah, you make a fair point. Kinda just came back from a break though. Maybe changing style could work... I dunno. Tried multiple styles though, tried cartoons (galactik football), games so yeah. I don't really watch live tv or movies, so kinda hard to edit to that you know... I believe I will get a school assignment for a lyric video, so that is already coming, that might be a fun experience. Did a short movie and didn't like the experience too much. ICs could actually work, sadly finding them isn't always as easy. Most AMV contests that are international have a high skill barrier, you can't easily make it to the finals, which only results in more dissapointment. I actually made it to the finals of an AMV competition recently, ALA 2017, which I am quite happy about.

    But yeah, I think my biggest problem is that I am too critical towards my own work. Maybe I should try to ease up a bit indeed.
    I do like the actual editting, it's just that getting started is the hardest part for me atm.
  7. Kazu

    Kazu Pink Power

    The thing is that you will never please anyone, nor you will be satisfied all the time with your own works. I guess it's because you work hours and days and months and in the end when you finish and publish you think - wth did i create? Because deep inside you know some scenes you could have done better. Some effects could have been more polished and so on. I don't believe that there is at least one person who is completely satisfied with his own work. Indeed, you will have your own audience that will adore your work(s). But it's a never-ending story with every editor I believe. Not only with AMV editors but people in general who create something.

    All I can say (again I will repeat myself), don't force yourself. If you feel like editing, just do it, if you don't - then no. I have projects from 2009. I just dropped as I don't feel like editing. Maybe lack of motivation? Maybe laziness. So I hope one day I will come back to then and finish xD

    And of course, you need to ease up a little bit. But if doesn't make you happy but only makes you feel bad, maybe you should try something else beside editing? Do you have any other hobbies? Perhaps it would distract you doing anything else for awhile and help you make up your mind?
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  8. Axel

    Axel Super High School Level Bad Luck

    Yes i feel you,for me personally it's frustrating, My videos never end up as i imagine them,and even if the video may be okey or cool,it's not how i wanted it to be and it just seems not good enough for me because i want my videos to feel "alive" and not be generic.Sometimes i end up liking the end result but that's rare and if i go on youtube and watch other amvs i just feel like i didn't put enough passion or work into mine...i think what you need to do and what i also plan on doing is to take your time with your edits and take how much time you want until you are proud of it and you like it,it doesn't matter if the song or anime become overused until you finish,just take your time with it because in the end the most important opinion is yours,if you like your video and you are proud if it then that's what it matters.
  9. meleechampion

    meleechampion Instinct Lv. 32

  10. Kagacie

    Kagacie King of procrastinators and potatoes

    I have been having this issue for the past 2 years now, but slowly just starting to back into.
    one way to do it is kinda to write out the amv for yourself so that even when you don't feel like it you can still edit and simply edit what you wrote down.
  11. Ploxerdon

    Ploxerdon I have returned

    I think you hit the nail with the part about artists in general. I mean, all kind of great artists and other AMV editors I know have had the same problems. It's just a part of life I guess, just gotta live through it.

    Once I actually start editing it usually is very fun, it's just that starting on a project seems to be hard for some reason.. I don't know why. Have the same with old AMVs, except I deleted every single one tbh :')

    Yeah, easing up makes sense. I mainly just play games and watch anime, so maybe I should do that more? I took a big break, and am currently working on a new AMV which is going very well. I usually tend to make strong returns after short breaks.

    Yeah, I feel you with getting frustrated at your own videos, I have that a lot. Honestly, it doesn't matter if your edit is good or bad, as long as you had fun while editing it's a great, don't let anyone tell you otherwise, this includes yourself. It's a hobby, the most important part is that you had fun editing. You will get better if you just try.

    Heh, this video is actually so true. I started working on something again and...

    Yeah, once you stop it seems kinda hard to get back into it too. Your own skills feel rusty (atleast, was the case for me.)

    The second part might be a good idea actually, thanks for that tip :)
  12. Dr. Derpface

    Dr. Derpface Make AMV's Great Again Staff Member

    I'm the bad kind of perfectionist. The kind who doesn't realize that "perfect is the enemy of good". Which is why I have so much unfinished stuff when it comes to editing. :(
  13. James Blond

    James Blond Double-Oh Who?

    Something that tends to help me is editing an AMV right after I finish watching a series. Having a series fresh in my mind makes it easier to figure out what to do for a video - especially if it's an anime I'm passionate about.

    And to repeat something that's been mentioned a few times already - never try to force it. The videos that I've tried to force myself to make are the ones that I'm the least proud of now... Find the things you enjoy - whether it's a song, an anime, a particular character, or scene - and focus on them. Hopefully the rest will just come naturally.
  14. Ploxerdon

    Ploxerdon I have returned

    HAHA you are literaly me :')
    Like seriously, that is 100% exactly my problem I had years ago.

    Hmm, that makes sense yeah. I sometimes rewatch an anime before making a "big" project to make it more fresh, which is also why I watched Rosario + Vampire like 4-5 times by now, because I editted it a lot back in the day haha.

    I dunno, one of my forced AMVs is my most popular one, so I don't know about that tbh...
    I recently found motivation to work on an AMV again, so there's that... I don't know how long it will last, so I will work hard to complete that AMV before my motivation drops again haha.

    The best thing that works for me usually is finding new music, but music isn't infinite, and finding quality music within a genre becomes hard at times.

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