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    The Middle Tennessee Anime Convention AMV Contest is now open for submissions!

    Click here for the Submission Form.

    This year's convention theme is Lunar; AMVs that are based around the Moon as a concept (i.e. Sailor Moon) or as an environment.
    The deadline for submission cut-off is March 22, 2019 at 11:59pm CST. A copy of the rules are posted in the Spoiler Tag below and in the submission form.

    This year we will be coordinating with the Tekko Convention, so if you are interested in submitting for that AMV contest, you can use this form for entry into that AMV contest as well.

    Good luck to all of our entrants!
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    There is less than 2-1/2 days left, so if you have a submission, especially for the Lunar convention theme, send it our way (or fill out a submission form, as we will give a couple of days extra for receiving the video itself).

    Please let us know if you have any questions. Thanks!
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    ... and that's it! Submissions are now closed.

    I will be reviewing all of the submissions from the last couple of days that have come in, but it may be until next week that e-mails will be sent out. I will reply here when all submissions received are done and e-mails all sent out.

    Thank you again to everyone who sent in a submission!
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    All of our contest submissions to date have been processed, and the Main Contest is going to judging. If you submitted a video entry and not yet been notified of your status, please let me know by PM here. We will notify everyone here and by social media when the list of finalist contestants has been determined.

    Our Extreme Contest is still open to entry until 11:59pm CDT April 6th. If you have any entries that qualify under the Extreme Contest rules, please send us a submission form and we will review it. Note that the Main Contest is CLOSED, therefore if it does not meet the extreme content guidelines as outlined in the rules, it will not be accepted.

    Good luck to all of our qualifying contestants!

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