MTAC Score! (2022) AMV Contest & Extreme Contest (DEADLINE: MARCH 11 2022 11:59PM CT)

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    MTAC Main and Extreme AMV Contest Rules

    The following are the contractual rules for the Middle Tennessee Anime Convention (MTAC) Anime Music Video Contest. All videos submitted for the purpose of entry into the contest are subject to the following terms and conditions. Please be aware that these terms and conditions may change with or without public notice.

    Following is a list of all the possible categories for the MTAC Score! (2022) Main AMV contest:


    - Japanese Anime (i.e. Sailor Moon, Naruto, My Hero Academia)
    - Convention Theme: Sports -- videos based around sports as a concept (i.e. Free!, Space Jam, Cars)
    - Live-Action Music Video (i.e. Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Lord of the Rings)
    - Western Animation Music Video (i.e. Avatar: The Last Airbender, Disney, Steven Universe)
    - Video Game Music Video (i.e. Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil)

    - Action
    - Comedy
    - Drama
    - Romance / Sentimental
    - Upbeat / Fun
    - Extreme (please review the “MTAC Extreme AMV Contest” rules below for more information on this category)


    - TV Series Opening Parody
    - Trailer or Commercial Parody
    - Classic (defined here as “anime of Japanese vintage before 2004 as per Encyclopedia”)
    - Dance
    - Horror
    - Instrumental (a music track that does not contain lyrics or voice overs)
    - Offbeat
    - Tribute

    Once videos are received, the final selection of the video categories for the Main Contest and Extreme Contest is at the discretion of the AMV Contest Coordinator and/or Manager.

    For awards this year, the following will be awarded in the AMV contest:

    - The audience’s pick for Best in Show, voted by the attendees of the contest at the convention
    - The Judges’ Choice, with possible Honorable Mentions
    - The Contest Coordinator's Choice
    - The Contest Manager's Choice
    - The top 3 MTAC Extreme Contest videos

    If the overall submissions’ play time is larger than can fit in the appropriate contest time slot, cuts will unfortunately be made. Keep in mind that video selection for the finals will be determined on qualities such as technical aspects, effectiveness of the video, and general execution.

    Please note that you do not need to attend the MTAC Convention to enter the contest, however it is highly encouraged.


    The Main AMV Contest is an all-ages audience showing. A good general rule for content is that if the song cannot be played on the radio without edits (bleeps or omission of certain words), contains sexual genitalia (no hentai) or has extreme violence, then it’s not acceptable for the main contest. Note that the MTAC Convention Administration and MTAC AMV Events Staff reserve the right to determine what constitutes “extreme” content.

    The submission cut-off for both the MTAC Score! (2022) AMV Main and Extreme Contest is 11:59pm Central Standard Time on March 11, 2022. The video files must be in our hands by 11:59pm Central Standard Time on March 11, 2022. Any video entry still not received by the latter date will be considered disqualified.

    The video file must be submitted as Google Drive or DropBox hyperlink, with the filename “[Your Name/Studio Name] - [Video Name]”. For example, “AMVEditorPerson - My Video Rules.mp4”. Any hyperlinks to sites that do not offer direct video download will not be accepted and will be immediately disqualified (i.e. Youtube, MediaFire, etc).

    Please keep in mind when you submit a music video to our contest that you are submitting to a Japanese anime/culture convention. We prefer, but do not require, that you consider submitting videos with the following:

    Japanese Anime (i.e Naruto, Sailor Moon, My Hero Academia)
    Live-Action Video, preferably of Japanese origin or centered around Japan ( i.e Kill Bill, The Grudge, Godzilla)
    Western Animation in a Japanese anime style (i.e. RWBY, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Voltron: Legendary Defender, Stitch!, Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers, RoboDz Kazagumo Hen)
    Video Game Footage, preferably of Japanese origin (Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil)

    With the exception of Movie Trailer Parody and TV Commercial Parody AMVs, at least 80% of the submission’s audio must be a continuous song or music track. Spoken openings or endings are allowed, but overlaying Japanese or English audio track(s) that are not a part of the original song/music track(s) is not allowed.

    Qualifying AMV Contest video entries must have been created within two (2) years of the MTAC Score! (2022) Convention start date (after April 15, 2020), have not been previously submitted to any past MTAC AMV contests, and have not won a combination of three (3) or more “Best In Show” or “Best in (specific category, i.e. Drama, Action, etc.)” at any other convention contest during that period.

    There is a time limit of one minute minimum and six minutes maximum per video. Any music video entry beyond six minutes may be acceptable at the AMV Contest Coordinators’ discretion.

    You may submit a maximum of three (3) video entries. Each video entry should have separate and distinct category tags if possible. Don’t try to make a video entry fit a category it is not suited for (for example, a purely “Action” video in the “Drama” category), please try to select choices that provide the best match for the video content. Please note that, should you have more than one qualifying entry that fit only one of the categories selected for the main contest, you will be notified and must select which video entry will compete in the contest. If you need assistance with categorization, please send an inquiry to the AMV Contest Coordinator (

    - No watermarks or logo overlays in the video source(s) will be allowed. This includes, but is not limited to, the DivX logo, any television station identification, production company logo, streaming site bugs & logos, AMV studio logos, and so on. The video will be deemed instantly disqualified.

    - No video will be accepted with “hard subtitles” (subtitles permanently overlaid on video), nor will we accept videos from obviously bootlegged or fan-subbed releases with these subtitles. The only EXCEPTION to this rule is if you create your own subtitles as an actual part of the anime music video. Please let the Coordinator know of any added creator-added subtitles in the Additional Notes section of the Entry Form. You can email the Coordinator at (

    - Because of the nature of the video judging, MTAC Convention Staff and Volunteers are allowed to enter their own qualifying video entries, unless they are actively participating in the coordination or judging of the AMV contest.


    The following video formats are the only formats that will be accepted for submission to the contest, in order from most preferred to least:

    - AVC/H.264 in an MPEG-4 container (.mp4)
    - AVC/H.264 in a Matroska Media container (.mkv)
    - HEVC/H.265 in an MPEG-4 Container (.mp4) (acceptable, but will be converted to AVC/H.264 [See Below])
    - MPEG-2 Video with MPEG-II Layer Audio (.mpeg, .mpg)
    - UTCodec or Lagarith Lossless Codec encoded AVI (.avi)
    - DivX / XviD in AVI format (.avi) encoded at the highest quality possible (Quantizer 1 is most preferred)
    - Quicktime (.mov) format (acceptable, but not recommended)
    - Windows Media (.wmv) format (acceptable, but not recommended)

    Any file format not mentioned above will not be considered immediately disqualified. This includes MPEG-1, Real Media, or the use of any video codec in a video file other than DivX, Lagarith, UTCodec, H.264/H.265 standard, or XviD. All video submissions not in AVC/H.264 format will be converted to that format for playback at the convention, so we encourage all entrants to use one of the top two video formats on the list if at all possible. If you need assistance with the technical requirements, please contact the AMV Contest Coordinator ( ), and we can try to work out an acceptable solution.

    As we use HDMI projectors, acceptable frame rates for your videos are 23.976fps, 29.97fps, and 60fps. Any other frame rates will be converted to fit one of these frame rates.



    This year, MTAC will be hosting an Extreme Contest for videos with “extreme content”. The Extreme Contest will have awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place videos.

    “Extreme Content” includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    - Coarse Language;
    - Excessive violence (a well known example of this can be seen in the anime Elfen Lied or Blood-C);
    - Innuendo or other situational humor that could be considered offensive;
    - Nudity; and
    - Strong and/or graphic sexual situations. (i.e. hentai)

    Videos that have any of the above may be directly submitted to the MTAC Extreme AMV Contest for consideration. Any videos submitted for the main contest entry that contains content not suitable for showing at the main contest will also be considered for entry into the MTAC Extreme AMV Contest.

    Please note that, to attend the AMV Extreme Contest showing at MTAC, you must verify that you are 18 years of age or older. Please review the MTAC website ( ) and MTAC Score! (2022) Program Guides for details on admission requirements for 18+ age-restricted convention events.

    In addition to the General Contest Rules above, the following additional rules will apply to Extreme AMV Contest submissions:

    - All Extreme Contest submissions require the same information as the regular AMV contest, except that on the contest entry form select “Extreme” in the first Special category choice to directly have your video considered for the Extreme Contest. If you submit multiple videos for both Extreme and Main contest submission, please have separate sheets for the Extreme Contest submissions versus the main contest submissions and label all videos clearly.

    - Any video entry marked “Extreme” that is determined to qualify for the Main AMV Contest will be reviewed for consideration for that contest under the Primary or Special Category chosen. Therefore, even though you may intend for said video entries to be in the Extreme AMV Contest, please make sure that the appropriate Primary (and optionally a Special Category) is selected for your entry.

    - THE CREATOR (AND/OR SUBMITTER) OF THE VIDEO MUST BE AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE CONTEST. There will be a form provided by e-mail that will act as a waiver to enter these categories for viewing and for being awarded if the video should win the Extreme Contest. Note: When the form is sent to you, we prefer it to be printed and signed or if no printer is available; please use a script font for your signature.

    - There is no limit to the number of videos a creator may submit for the Extreme AMV Contest, but qualifying videos for this contest must have been created on or after April 15, 2020 and have not been submitted to MTAC previously.

    - Please note that there is NO PEDOPHILIA (i.e: Lolicon) ALLOWED IN ANY OF THE CONTESTS. Just because the box and the disclaimers say that s/he is legal does not mean s/he is. Please, do not submit anything that has visually identifiable underage girls or boys performing sexual or perverted acts. These entries will be immediately disqualified.

    - Anything else that is deemed to be illegal in the United States is also not allowed into the Extreme Contest and will be instantly disqualified. Just because it’s animated does not excuse it from certain laws that may govern what can be shown in the United States.


    Any video entry that does not follow these AMV Contest rules WILL BE CONSIDERED DISQUALIFIED AND WILL NOT BE ENTERED INTO THE CONTEST. All submissions are subject to the MTAC AMV Events Department review and approval. MTAC’s AMV Events Department, MTAC's Convention Administration Staff, and the Southeast Pop Arts & Culture (SEPOP) Board of Directors reserve the right to prohibit from convention viewing any video submission entered into the contest for any reason. By submitting your video entry for review, you agree that all decisions made by the MTAC AMV Contest Coordinator and/or Manager, the MTAC Convention Administration, and the AMV Contest Judges about your video are FINAL.

    All submissions become the property of the Middle Tennessee's Anime Convention, SEPOP, and/or their assigns, and will not be returned to the submitter. Please do not send in your only copy of your video submission.

    All submissions received may be used for convention display and promotional purposes. All videos entered will be considered to be cleared for this purpose.

    To submit your video(s) click link below:

    Submission Form:

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