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    R I D I C U L O U S

    N E ✖ U S AMV-team presents the series of montly podcasts/livestreams. For each podcast, one or several guest editors are invited to take part in the conversation with the hosts. The viewers can interact with hosts and guest(s) during the stream and ask their questions.

    The stream is divided into 5 interactive sections:

    EDITING: Talking about typical editing events, contests, studios or certain AMVs, or having discussions with our guests and viewers about general editing topics.
    Q&A WITH VIEWERS: Picking few questions from our viewers from Discord, Twitter or our livestream chat.
    LUCKY 3: The guest gets to pick random 3 people from our livestream and we will invite them 1 by 1 to talk or ask us (in our Discord channel) or our guest any kind of questions or suggest topics to discuss.
    THE TROLL ON YOU: Our guests will be forced to answer 5 questions, put by THE TROLL COP.
    FREE FOR ALL: Be as random as you can and do or talk about whatever you wish. This section also can include viewers or more N E ✖ U S members depending on our guests' preferences.

    Join us on the stream day to listen to AMV talks, ask questions, socialize and have fun! Also feel free to suggest new editors for the next streams in this thread or share ideas or suggestions. We will be very grateful for any feedback ^^

    1st EDITION: RIDICULOUS ft. Celia Phantomhive
    2nd EDITION: RIDICULOUS ft. Sephi

    3rd EDITION: RIDICULOUS ft. Azexous

    The info on the next streams' dates and guests will be announced in this thread, on our forum and twitter, so stay tuned! ^^​
  2. Iren S.S.

    Iren S.S. Guns N' Vincents

    This month's podcast will feature *drum roll*


    The one and only Qwaqa! (Website)

    Tune in to our YouTube channel and Discord on June 18 (this Sunday), at 20:00 GMT+1 (Germany) to listen and ask your questions :)
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    Really enjoyed all of these, especially this month's edition!
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  4. Iren S.S.

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    Yay! That's so awesome! Thanks so much~ It means a lot to us~ <3
    If you have any editor in mind you would like to listen to in the next editions, feel free to suggest here or on discord/twitter ^^

    For those who missed the latest stream:

    4th EDITION: RIDICULOUS ft. Qwaqa
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