Nan Desu Kan 2017 [Updated with Winners]

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  1. Scottanime

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    Upbeat/Fun: Starboy desu ga? - Nuke
    Drama/Romance: Convalesce - Radical_Yue
    Action: Numinous - MrNosec
    Category X: Sunlight - Sunlight
    Comedy: Assachusetts: A Wicked Good AMV - shorisquared
    Best In Show Audience Choice: We Two - Moonpie
    Best in Show Editor's Choice: daydream | return - ZephyrStar
    Best Local Entry: Can't Stop the Anime! - numbuh0051
    Best VG Entry: Incandescent Uprising - Kisanzi
    Iron Chef Winner: Mamo!

    Sadly, due to a technical error we were unable to record audience reactions this year :( But we will be mailing Asukas (for both this year and last) this week so please keep an eye on your email as we double check mailing addresses!

    Over 236 entries and we have our finalists and Overload list! Thank you to all who submit and good luck to our finalists in the contest!

    Oh-Hi-Yo! - Azexous
    Make Love, Not Explosions - Glitzer
    Starboy desu ga - Nuke
    Fowl Play - BecauseImBored1
    Can't Stop the Anime! - numbuh0051
    D'awwww Wagon - drewaconclusion

    Convergence - Aerialesque
    Yellow Ribbon - Allegoriest
    Tempus Finis - xSnowflakes and Kaeldri
    Still Breathing - WandressVixen
    Convalesce - Radical_Yue
    We Two - Moonpie
    Ambition - Celia Phantomhive

    Numinous - MrNosec
    Indelible Ascendancy - ailynerie
    Persona Monster - SerAvium
    Cherry Bomb - Shin
    Valkyrie - pic4arts, Eazy, JadeCharm
    RISING - xDieguitoAMV
    Incandescent Uprising - Kisanzi

    Category X
    Deep Water - RΣDЯUM
    Line - SachaValentine
    Singularity - Buggy
    Aesthetic Anime Girl Music Video - leolide
    Sunlight - Sunlight
    daydream | return - ZephyrStar

    Assachusetts A Wicked Good AMV - shorisquared
    Anime MasterChef - AntaresHeart07
    Sick Kaori - pwcagal
    Randomcore - VideoBeats
    The Fujoshi Chronicle - Celia Phantomhive
    Martyrdom - Joskua
    Blades of Yuri - BecauseImBored1

    Protectors of the Crystal - xSnowflakes
    Burnt Animu - AzukanoAMVs
    Deep End - MinetChan
    Reach - SliceofLife
    Ventus Fugit - Strat
    Made To Fly - Scara
    Breathe - iKuro
    Soma - LuciferAMV
    Hurt - exkcal
    La Vida Madoka - shorisquared
    To the Sky - machina21, ailynerie
    VIP - MadMegatax
    GEUM - Noormuda
    My Name is Beauty Thief - PBNimo
    Super Jiggy Bros - drewaconclusion
    Wherever You Go - alchemymini
    DEEPWARE - Nyala
    Revolution - Phlashbak
    High Fantasy - irriadin
    Rise of the Panties -The_McLaughlin
    Pixel Perfect - King Redeem
    nothing else - amai eli
    Outbreak - ZoroIttoryu
    Unlock - Drango
    Grasp of Hope - siny
    Behind the Wall - Cyanna
    Starstruck - Elixir
    Introspection - Z0rek
    Bonesaw - Cenit
    Empty Spaces - Xophilarus
    White Knight - Kagacie
    Feudal Fairytale - SeanPNG
    Epiphany - UnluckyArtist
    I'm Gonna Live Forever - CrackTheSky

    Please note that some videos were withheld from Overload to either be played at AMV Hour or the AMV Iron Chef events.

    Original Post Under Spoiler
    Nan Desu Kan's 21st birthday is here and our AMV contest is ready for everything you fantastic editors have to offer!


    Official Rules (In English, Additional Translations TBA)
    Submission Page
    Submission deadline is August 12th, 2017

    Final Countdown To Deadline


    Here is a recap of our contest from last year!

    Action/Adventure: Edible Annihilation - Kisanzi
    Drama/Romance: Unstopable - Maboroshi, MomtoCutiePia
    Fun/Upbeat: Just Funkin Dandy - Shin
    Comedy/Parody: Koku's Rage - Farm
    Category X: Sans titre - Cmoididi
    Video Game Video: Been to Hell - Kiriforce
    Best Local: Lessons I've Learned - Moonpie
    Editor's Choice Best In Show: Sans titre - Cmoididi
    Audience Choice Best In Show: Edible Annihilation - Kisanzi
    Legends: RedHerring (test type 00) - Qwaqa
    Iron Chef: Mamo!
    [Note: For those of you who are waiting on your awards, you haven't been forgotten! Production is taking longer than anticipated but you will get your awards =D]
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  2. Cmoididi

    Cmoididi WeedLord

    Where is my price héhé I think i'll not have any amv to participate this year, gl people
  3. Joskua

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  4. Kagacie

    Kagacie King of procrastinators and potatoes

    how bout no
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  5. ZoroIttoryu

    ZoroIttoryu Pirate Hunter

    Maybe i'll make something, we will see..
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  6. ZephyrStar

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    I will finally finish the things.
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  7. irriadin

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    Putting this in my calendar, I need to finish this video I've been working on SOME TIME
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  8. Scottanime

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    Here is your friendly one month to deadline reminder
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  9. AniRose

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    oh boyo death is nigh ;v;
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  10. Scottanime

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    This is it, one week left !!!!!!
  11. AniRose

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  12. ZoroIttoryu

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    I sent 2 videos. Badge HYPE!
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  13. numbuh0051

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    I'm done. Now I shall die in peace.
  14. Ahaha! My stupid panties video made thw overload... that was unexpected but made my day. Congrats to the finalists
  15. xSnowflakes

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    Honoured to be in the finalist list, I look forward to hearing about reaction videos too :D congratulations to everyone else!
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  16. Nate

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    Grats to the finalists. Ya'll do you're show right and don't let my videos in!
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  17. AntaresHeart07

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    yesterday I received my badge, it's awesome! thank you guys! ;)
  18. Scottanime

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    Hey everyone

    Just a reminder the AMV Editor Meet and Greet Pizza Party will again be hosted in the AMV editors Lounge (Room 612 Plaza Side) at 2:00pm Friday the 1st. Come mingle with your fellow editors, have something to eat, and we may even have a surprise or two.

    See everyone there
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  19. AniRose

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    when you wont be able to get to the hotel till after 3 cause you have classes orz
  20. You might still be able to go for a bit if you get there around 3... it usually goes on for a while.

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