Nan Desu Kan 2018

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  1. Scottanime

    Scottanime New Member AMV Contest Coordinator

    Best Local:
    Betrayal - The_McLaughlin
    Action: Are You Ready - Chiikaboom
    Category X: Dango Dango Literature Club = MarikoAMV
    Comedy/Parody: A Dying Bread - Kisanzi
    Drama/Romance: Dream the Impossible - BecauseImBored1
    Fun/Upbeat: Down the Road - DopplerDo
    Audience Choice Best In Show: A Dying Bread - Kisanzi
    Editor's Choice Best In Show: Reprieval - Ryuu-Dono
    Best VG Entry: False Shepard - PieandBeer
    Iron Chef Winner: Moonpie



    Eternity - TheDEstineeAMV
    Alive - BlackDiamondTeam
    A Shared Path - VideoBeats
    Dementia - ZoroIttoryu
    Dragon RAWR 9000 - Nexus Mania
    Are You Ready - Chiikaboom
    Betrayal - The McLaughlin

    S is for Sadistic - Kyci
    Technicolor Dreamer - Kireblue
    Down the Road - DopplerDo
    Way We Do It - WhiteDex
    Sweet & Sticky - PieandBeer
    Youth In Motion - Xophilarus
    Family Reunion - CrackTheSky

    Category X
    Reprieval - Ryuu-Dono
    Memento - Padre
    Estrella - MagicDarkLight
    Destructive Love - MadScientist
    False Shepard - PieandBeer
    Qualm - Bimyou
    Dango Dango Literature Club - MarikoAMV

    Underpunch - Moonpie
    Dunces & Dragons - Mycathatesyou69
    Shiny Teeth - Glitzer
    877-YEN-NOW - shorisquared
    Manly Manly Models - Obsidian Zero
    A Dying Bread - Kisanzi

    Stay Alive - numbuh0051
    Catalyst - Aerialesque & Radical_Yue
    Lily Blossom - alchemymini
    Ephemera - ailynerie
    Dream the Impossible - BecauseImBored1
    Sweet Dreams - Mamo!
    Friends - Celia Phantomhive



    Starlight Starbright - Player One
    Where We're Going - xSnowflakes & Pierced Sky
    Won't Back Down - Elixir
    Doomed Parade - SerAvium
    Maple Leaves - Bry___
    Always Beautiful - TheDestineeAMV
    She's Just Killing Me - Hlebalolomator
    Dentelle - Irene S.S.
    Celestial Moments - Reverie
    A Space Dandy - Shino
    Waves - Lina
    Shadow and Truth - Spike
    Winter Bird - Kenji
    Redemption - Chibiahiru
    We Rock! - Christian
    The Champion of Hyrule - machina21
    Spill This Blood - Trenzilla & JanikaChan
    A Story To Tell Her - Valter
    thirsty - MadMegatax
    Iitost - KeiichiFace
    Full Metal Nightmare! - Drango
    A Real Hero - Bimyou
    Bonnyworld - Unlucky
    Counter - Unlucky
    Literary Love - PaNTSU oF d00m
    Quietus - SliceofLife
    Bloom - SliceofLife
    I Moustache You A Question - Kagacie
    Cross My Heart - CrackTheSky
    Nugatory - KonahaANBU
    Second Nature - shorisquared
    Angel of Death - Obsidian Zero
    Baba Yetu - Glitzer & Obsidian Zero

    Submissions are now open for the Nan Desu Kan AMV Contest in Denver,CO

    Submission Deadline is August 18th, 2018 so lets go!!!!
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  2. Scottanime

    Scottanime New Member AMV Contest Coordinator

    Just under a month to go, time to get your videos in
  3. numbuh0051

    numbuh0051 New Member

    Are we supposed to receive a notification that our submission has been received in our email?
  4. Scottanime

    Scottanime New Member AMV Contest Coordinator

    No, once you send in your video you should see a notification on the submission page that says your video was accepted.

    Thats all there is !
  5. CrackTheSky

    CrackTheSky Administrator Staff Member

    Just a quick clarification -- is the deadline 11:59 PM August 17, or 11:59 PM August 18?
  6. Scottanime

    Scottanime New Member AMV Contest Coordinator

    Judging will take place on sunday the 19th, so long as your vid is submitted prior to that morning you will be ok.
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  7. Scottanime

    Scottanime New Member AMV Contest Coordinator

    Ok, I know everybody loves to wait for the last possible minute to send in your videos. "Hahah let's see if we can overwhelm the servers on the last day".

    So here is your final warning. Three days left.

    Good luck to everyone
  8. TheLightMusicClub

    TheLightMusicClub New Member

    Are we going to be learning who made the cut today?
  9. Xophilarus

    Xophilarus New Member Queen of Yuri

    They haven't released the specific videos or who made it in what category but all finalists received emails over a week ago.
  10. Kisanzi

    Kisanzi New Member

    Here's an unofficial post of the winners from today's award presentation:

    Best Action: Are You Ready - chiikaboom
    Best Fun/Upbeat: Down the Road - dopplerdo
    Best Category X: Dango Dango Literature Club - Marikoamv
    Best Drama: Dream the Impossible - Becauseimbored1
    Best Comedy/Audience best of show: A Dying Bread - Kisanzi
    Best Local: Betrayal - The_Mclaughlin
    Best GMV: False Shepherd - Pieandbeer
    Editor best of show: Reprieval - Ryuu-dono

    Congrats to all fellow winners and hopefully the full finalists list is posted soon!
  11. Ryan Nussbaum

    Ryan Nussbaum New Member

    Thanks for the great video Kisanzi, any chance it could go online somewhere soon? I really need to show it to my wife, she was at our booth and couldn't attend.
  12. Chiikaboom

    Chiikaboom ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

    Didnt even know I made finals till Yue told me about this earlier. Sweet!!

  13. Nexus

    Nexus The Chicken Lord

    My video got destroyed, but it was fun to do an AMV after 2 years of nothing. Maybe I'll try again. Congrats Chiikaboom !
  14. mikkimissingno

    mikkimissingno New Member

    Anyone know when the Overload list will be posted? I submitted and want to know if my AMV was shown there :) Also congrats to all of the finalists and winners this year! All of you did amazing
  15. Radical_Yue

    Radical_Yue Administrator Staff Member

    MASSIVE apologies regarding the finalist/overload list.
    Was planning on putting it all up as a last minute thing when we got to the hotel Thursday night since a lot of people watch all the finalists online ahead of time and it kinda spoils the contest but like...we got there and I literally couldn't use the internet. It was so freakin' bad. In past years it had been awesome and I didn't have an issue but this year it just ate shiiiit. That is totally on me D:

    Finalists, Overload, and Winners have been updated in the first post. Still catching up with everything. ;-; i sorry
  16. CrackTheSky

    CrackTheSky Administrator Staff Member

  17. Radical_Yue

    Radical_Yue Administrator Staff Member

  18. And a video in the action category seems to be missing from the list as well... it is up top in the awards though.
  19. Radical_Yue

    Radical_Yue Administrator Staff Member


    I blame the con plague.
    I'm sorry.
    I have failed you all.

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  20. shorisquared

    shorisquared Best Waifu

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