NDK Hour & AMV Iron Chef Playlists

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    Friday Night AMV Hour with Kisanzi and Radical_Yue

    Unsatisfied - UnluckyArtist
    Heart Failure - Copycat_Revolver
    L'appel du Vide - AngelDragoon
    Colors - Nekokitkat
    Soothing Sunlight - Glitzer
    Tropic Heat - Ufec
    ADHDSTICKAMV - Lapskaus
    Bleed The Sky [Remastered] - Hamasaki

    AMV Iron Chef (Since there are a lot of videos I won't be linking them all but providing info instead)
    You Wanna? - Mamo!
    Young Forever - Phlashbak
    Two Hearts - Aerialesque
    Weeaboo Peekaboo - Shin
    Why Did You Build A Pool? - Celia
    Juno - Minetchan
    Judgement Day - AquaSky
    Quiet - Leberate
    Anime's Got Talent - Luna, JazzsVids, Replay Studios
    Cartoonist -Kazuto
    Compliments - Cirera
    Drawn Dream - SilentMan
    Frontline - Jeff
    Going Digital - Radical_Yue
    In Love With Your Body - Brenda Hikaru
    Money$hot - MycathatesyouAMV
    Out of Time - Neon
    Ship Happens - Vivifx
    The Beat Will Continue Until Morale Improves - alexmichur00 & dragontamer5788
    The Otaku Way - MarikoAMV
    Yup, Still Single - Parodic Productions
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