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    In case anyone was at the Indie AMV panel at NDK this year run by myself and ZephyrStar, and wanted the playlist, here you go (these may not be in the exact order we played them, as I threw out/lost the list I had written down with the correct ordering...):

    shumira_chan - The Last Dance
    King Redeem - Lune
    LenWidleheyt - Excel's Middle Name
    jasper-isis - In Watercolors
    Megamom - The spiral that girls up wake
    Abogado - Diamonds
    blabbler - so very tired
    JCD - Pure Love
    Nellogs - The Piano That Transforms Into A Time Traveling DeLorean
    shaister - Cocaine Encomium
    Nopy - Sky Journey
    Tsukin - These Little Town Blues
    Malificus - Naruto: His journey to become a man. He faces torment and hardship but with the help of his comrades perseveres: A True Story (aka Wake Up Running)
    Douggie - Lost & Found: MEMORIES
    Willen - Rock Fully MAD
    Narshial - Above Humanity
    chibidani - Miyazaki at Night
    *inverse* - Celestial
    Scott A Melzer - All Star
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    Thank you for providing all the links! Some of these were amazing, can't wait to show them to friends and family.
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    Thanks! Just a general FYI for everyone -- shaister's video is not available online anywhere as far as I can see. I plan on getting it from ZephyrStar and uploading it to a YT channel I have for videos like this. I'll update the link in the first post when that's done.
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    I liked most of the videos, some of them were very impressive. Loved the panel!
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