Need a beta tester for amv - Until Again We Meet - Bleach amv

Discussion in 'Beta Feedback' started by The_McLaughlin, Jun 20, 2017.

  1. Figured this section of the forum is here I might as well throw it out there and maybe someone will be interested. We can do a 1:1 or something like that if you want as well. However I'm slowly working on getting my amvs from roulette done and released. I'm currently working on the Bleach amv I did for round 1 right now and as I'm thinking I'm also going to submit it to NDK I wanted to get a beta test done on it before I finalize it. Most of the judges comments stated I needed to work on my editing and making it more dynamic. I think I did that better towards the second half of the amv but I'm back and forth on if I need to do more in the first minute and 30 seconds or so.
    If anyone is willing to help me out I've uploaded the video as an unlisted video on youtube which you can get to here:

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