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  1. Hello there My names Kelly. Editing wise I go by animefreak7, but steam and ps4 along with most other things I go by The_McLaughlin... now that I type that out it sounds semi narcissistic... but meh it's my name so deal with it. I started editing in high school where a I took a class that taught me the bare bones of editing in adobe back in late 2006 but didn't really start editing actual amvs until about a year later. Out side of amvs I'm a member of the 501st which is a costuming group that makes screen accurate star wars villain costumes. A fun fact is that I mostly post from work as I have two jobs and am hardly ever home. So that is I. I look forward to talking with you all here on the forums and seeing your amvs that you share here.
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  3. I did have a friend who called me Mclovin in high school so I approve of this gif
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    Your welcome McLaughlin
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    I can't get all this name joke, welcomu.
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  7. yeah its pretty chill. I work nights now though so there isn't many people around. Really the rule is as long as your work gets done you can pass the time however you want so long as its out of view of the client. It's pretty easy to just use the computer in front of me or have my phone out of sight when at a desk. Though now that I'm on nights because of a recent promotion I have less time to chill on my phone, so there's that.
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    I wasn't able to think of anything clever to welcome you with. Welcome.
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    I havent said hello on your intro thread? Disgraceful of me, im sorry.
    Its good to meet you, i believe weve encountered each other a few times on the discord, and you seem like a nice chap. :D

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