Nugatory [Japan Expo 2018]

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  1. KonahaANBU

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    The idea itself is derivative of many ideas and other amvs but I have tried to deliver a coherent story to my utmost ability. If you get what I am telling in it I have done my job. Overall I am satisfied with it. 11th is good enough for me. I could have done better if I put more effort into it.

    Making Of

    Anime used
    Silent Voice
    Death Parade
    Terror in Resonance
    Aldnoah Zero

    Music Used
    The Hit House - Radium

  2. Pysh

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    Wow this is so well made and story is well put. I kind of get what this video is about, I just think the ending should have had more focus but it's still well delivered. Also thanks for sharing the making, gives some idea of how much effort is put into it. This is one of few videos I like in which sources are well composed to deliver a story, a concept or an idea.
  3. KonahaANBU

    KonahaANBU Lancelot

    I agree with your comment; ending was kinda abrupt and yeah the source is just too good that made it a lot easier overall. Thanks.

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