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    AMV Roulette 2017

    Welcome to the game of fate! In this contest lady luck is the one who decides what kind of video you are required to edit.​

    How It Works

    Each round lasts exactly 1 week with 3 rounds in total. At the start of each round the editors will be provided with a genre for the video (such as comedy, drama, action, etc.), a type of music (Rock, Pop, etc.), and a special requirement! The editors will then make videos based on the required information they have been given. The videos will then be ranked and scored by the coordinator and judges. The entrant with the most points after 3 rounds will be declared the winner and awarded with a prize.

    How the Requirements Are Selected

    Before each round begins, a virtual wheel will be spun to decide the 3 requirements.

    Video Genre: Standard video genres such as Drama, Action, Romance, Comedy/Fun, etc.The definitions will be posted when the round starts.

    Music: A single style of music is selected such as rock, pop, instrumental, etc. Once a genre has been selected entrants will select a song that fits the required genre of music. If you have doubts if your music fits the rules, entrants may verify the music that they have chosen by looking it up on Last.FM, Wikipedia, Soundcloud, etc.. If the selected music genre is not listed as one of the top tags, then the song does not meet the criteria for the contest. Songs can also be approved via private message to Kisanzi within 48 hours after round start. As a general rule of thumb, if the song is a stretch to make it fit the genre, then you may want to reconsider your selection because it should be fairly obvious to the judges. (But seriously, you can pick from the millions of songs in existence, so try to avoid the fringe and pick something that isn’t going to stir up trouble.)

    Special Requirement: This can be anything from a footage requirement to an effect or style of editing that must be followed. You can think of this as a secret source or wild card since it can really be anything at all!

    Once a video genre, music style, and special requirement has been selected they will be removed from the list to ensure the remaining rounds do not have duplicates. All entrants will be provided with the same list of requirements each round as opposed to each editor getting their own specific list.

    Video Requirements

    Video must be AT LEAST 1 minute and 30 seconds (1:30) in length. Of this runtime, bumpers or intro audio are not counted. So the time count will begin and end when the primary music track begins and ends.
    Video must meet all three random requirements of the round. (Video Genre, Music, & Special Requirement).
    Failure to meet either of the aforementioned aspects will result in a 50 point penalty.


    While assigning points the judges will be basing their scores off the video’s merits (concept, editing, flow, visual effect usage, special requirement implementation, etc.) and issue an overall score. The judges will assign scores from 0 - 100 per video with accompanying comments to explain their scoring decisions.

    4 judges (100 points each) = 400 points maximum

    Each judge will also give a thumbs up/thumbs down vote for each video to determine if they think that the video fits the music genre/video genre/secret requirement stipulations. If a majority of judges deem the video as unfitting in any of the 3 requirement areas, then the video’s overall score will be penalized by 50 points. (But the spirit of the contest is to challenge yourself by adhering to the genre/special requirements, so please don’t just submit something that blatantly ignores the requirements.)


    While the placement for each round will be posted after each judging session along with judge's comments, the points will not be revealed until the final round when the winner is announced. This is to keep a sense of mystery while also keeping the entrants informed of their current placement. So even if you rank 1st place in Round 1 and 2 you still have to keep on your toes since you won't know if you lead by 5 points or 50 points!
    After the final round and judging is completed we will post an updated document with all of the points for each entrant along with the already public ranks and comments.

    Who Is In Charge

    Coordinator: Kisanzi

    Round Schedule

    Round 1 Start - February 5th, 2017
    Round 1 End - February 12th, 2017
    Judging End - February 18th, 2017

    Round 2 Start - February 19th, 2017
    Round 2 End - February 26th, 2017
    Judging End - March 4th, 2017

    Final Round Start - March 5th, 2017
    Final Round End - March 12th, 2017
    Judging End/Winner Announced - March 19th, 2017

    Rules and Registration

    1. The competition is free and open to all but the contest organizers and judges (screening and final judgment). Members of staff are allowed to enter as long as they are not involved in either judging or coordination.
    2. The closing of registration is set for February 1st, 2017 and 11:59pm EST. If you wish to sign up then you must post in the designated registration thread. The thread will remained locked until registration officially opens. Sign up requests posted anywhere else will NOT be honored.
    3. Only one entry per person/per round will be accepted.
    4. The video entries may only use Japanese anime or video games that have been both created and developed in Japan (Ex. Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts).
    5. You may NOT use pre-prepared rotos, altered footage, etc... You may pre-prepare footage before your round begins but you may not alter it with effects. If it is discovered that have pre-prepared anything more than basic footage, you will be disqualified.
    6. The final entry submit by the participant must be a minimum of 1 minute and 30 seconds long. Credits/Bumpers will not be factored into the required video length.
    7. Participation in this competition implies full acceptance of this Regulation.
    8. While judging is not blind, please withhold on posting your entries on,, or any other video hosting website until the judging for the round has been completed and the results have been posted.
    9. Credits/Bumpers are allowed but will not be factored into the judging unless they have been integrated into the video.

    Entry Submission

    The clips will be sent either via FTP (information will be provided to the entrants on the final day of their round) or personal hosting. You will be given information to upload your video onto a server but if you wish to use your own hosting or use a file transfer site such as sendspace, dropbox, etc... you can also do so. Please DO NOT use Mediafire.

    If you encounter a problem while sending video clips, please contact Radical_Yue.

    The clips will follow these formats:

    Containers: MP4, MKV
    Video codecs: H.264
    Audio codecs: MP3, AAC, FLAC
    Framerate: Up to 60.00 frames per second

    The size (in megabytes) of the video should not exceed 150 MB, unless an exception is requested and justified.


    By participating in this contest, you agree that the decisions of the contest organizers and the judges are FINAL.

    Grounds for Disqualification

    1. The disqualification of a participant is left entirely to the discretion of contest organizers.
    2. Any use of moving works of pornographic, racist, defamatory content or likely to impair the physical or moral integrity will result in immediate disqualification of the participant.
    3. Flaming or personal attacks on other editors, entrants, the judges, or the coordinator will not be tolerated. Voicing concern and personal opinion is fine but if it is decided that a line has been crossed there may be consequences such as disqualification or bans from participating in future events. These situations will be discussed between the coordinator and judges before a decision is finalized.
    4. Failure of one or more articles of this regulation will also be considered disqualifying.


    The winner will be decided based on who has the most points at the end of 3 rounds.
    There will be NO ELIMINATIONS in this contest. If an editor chooses not to submit a video for one of the rounds then they will simply get a 0 for overall score that round but they are allowed to continue participating.

    The winner can choose one of the following prizes in addition to receiving 300 Pokeballs for use on the forum PokeCatch game:
    $75 Amazon Gift Card
    $75 Newegg Gift Card
    $75 worth of games on STEAM
    $75 Paypal Transfer
    The Gentlemen Banana (Asian Girl Not Included)


    Music Genres:

    Required Lyric

    Video Genres:

    Character Profile

    Special Requirements:
    (The titles are hints, but the true meaning isn't revealed until the round begins!)

    It’s Like Halloween, Except Instead Of Candy We Give Out BULLETS!
    Let’s Get Physical
    Burf Nyang
    Mecha Leka Hi Mecha Hiney Ho!
    Schooooools Out For-evah!
    Don’t Forget to Swallow
    Welcome to Stabbyville!
    I Heard They Have More Fun.
    Sexy Time Yes
    You got knocked the $%#@ Out!
    Hug It Out
    The Shinkai Special
    We Wish You Many Smiles
    You Are One Ugly Son Of A...
    How Much Signal I Need To Cut Across Eight Lane?
    This One Time...At Band Camp...
    Bird Jerky
    Lazy Susan
    That Makes Me Wet
    Even My Bathroom is a Bathroom!
    As you wish...
    You son of a bish...
    I’m BATMAN.
    Quickly! Go Fast, Go Fast!
    Uguuu Kawaii Desu
    It’s Like Inception
    Suit Up
    I Can Read You Like A Book
    I Miss Ojive :(


    If you have any questions, please post below!
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    I'll just be on the sidelines this year..


    Just watching..
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    Super excited, can't wait to edit in Roulette again, I will have to put tears on Saitama again xD Sequence 01.Still001.jpg
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    Disqualified. Get out of my house.
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  8. It's time to stock up on the anime, and sleep.... sleep now before the Roulette
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    Been looking forward to this all year, excited to see what everyone comes up with!
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    Your personal challenge for this year is to not remake any of your own videos.
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    This part is always fun. All the joy and celebration before we spin the wheels and everyone is crushed under the weight of their newfound suffering.
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    Behind the green dog costume, the only thing they found, was their doom.
    A world of pain.

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