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    ello~ King Redeem poked me to come say hi. I don't forum much but I'm friendly :) sort of.

    Those who don't know me here's a brief rundown - I produce under the title Otaku Lounge Productions. I have one viral video that I released this year called Deadpunch (Deadpool/One-Punch Man trailer parody), so achievement unlocked. I've been making AMVs for 13 years and hold over a hundred first place awards (including category wins and best of shows) to my name. My strengths are storytelling (song/series/scene selection), my weaknesses are special effects, design and text work. I typically work with as little effects as possible, but recently I've been dipping my toes into After Effects so we'll see what comes of it in the future.

    My most recent video is my entry to Akross 2016.

    I don't and never expect any wins from this contest because of its prestige, but I enjoy entering every year because it is such a diverse competition. The deadline has been extended to January if you're interested in giving it a try, and it'll give you a good taste of Russian opinion ;) akross.ru (premiere only)
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    *paws you back

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    Welcome Stranger!
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    Great vid man and welcome to the forums ^^
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    welcome welcome youre an inspiration +A+
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    Sabaton <3333
    Welcome welcome!
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    Loved your stuff for a good few years now, nice to meet you! :D
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    Thanks guys!

  10. No, no pawing at me. I get enough of that from my dog already.

    Welcome to the forums. I really like your One Piece amvs The Optimists, and the one about Nami that I'm blanking on the name of. They're both pretty great.
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