Pokémon AMV - 'Only a Matter of Time'

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    Details of the AMV:

    Anime -> Pokémon
    Song -> Only a Matter Of Time
    Artist -> Dream Theater
    Length -> 6min 35sec
    Editing program -> Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019

    Here I bring to you a new AMV, which I've enjoyed a lot doing it, it was fun to see new episodes, and see how to integrate them in the music, in order that its parts could have a sense inside the song, which it's structure is somehow complex (mainly if you're not used to progressive rock / metal)

    The legendary Pokémon part (specially Ho-Oh), the Eevee episode from 4th season, and a bunch more are available. It has variety, 'we' could say! ^_^

    I hope you like it!

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