Pokémon and Attack on Titan AMV - 'Heroes Of Sand'

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  1. Puswi

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    Here's the Amv of 'Heroes Of Sand':

    • Animes featured: Pokémon and Attack on Titan
    • Song Title: Heroes Of Sand
    • Music Group: Angra
    • Length: 4min 38sec

    Hello guys, here’s my latest AMV uploading, and the first one where I mix both Pokémon and Attack on Titan animes. As on every anime Music video I’ve been uploading, I’ve used my imagination and I tried that between the content used there could be a sort of relation.

    Four different episodes from early season 11 of the Pokémon anime where used, and about Attack on Titan essentially the 2nd half of the 1st season, adding more focus on the last three episodes just after the video reached two minutes.

    That’s all, I hope you find the video interesting ;D
  2. I don't know that the two animes you picked really meld together all that well. There are good aspects of timing on each one, but each section with a different anime just feels like a completely different video. I think in this case with the two vastly different animes you have I would have picked just one to focus on, or if you really wanted to use two separate shows picked two shows that have a similar tone and possibly a similar color scheme and theme so that they mix better together.
  3. Chibiahiru

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    I would have to agree with The_McLaughlin here. I think the song could work well for both of the sources, but not at the same time. And overall, just as a trick for editing, try and ask yourself "how is this telling the story of the AMV" with every cut, insert, song lyric, and text across the screen. Why are you bringing attention to particular lyrics in the song? When the song reaches it's climax, why am I focusing on character A rather than B?What is happening in the story that mirrors the song? Personally I struggle with making other people understand the message I'm sending, so I have to think of these things a lot.
  4. Puswi

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    Chibiahiru, thanks for your reply!! :) I agree both with you and McLaughlin that Attack on Titan and Pokémon don't do a good mix, it was just a thing I've started a little less than a month ago. Possibly I won't do it on the near future :) But please, consider this: you don't think that searching perfection constantly is like you're fighting a lot.. I don't said its bad, what I explain here is that it's important to take into account that on any YouTube channel, the constancy of publishing videos is important, otherwise the channel loses what it has achieved. And talking about me (anyone will have this on common, without any doubt), I've started doing AMVs 'cause I enjoy it, it was like four years and a half ago, when I wasn't even 18 years old.

    I understand you struggle with this, or that some people don't get it, but on Internet you don't see the emotions of the people and how they can't have sort of influence on you, or perhaps it's me that I have to search some people on Discord of this forum to hang out with.. It's a mix of the two things. But don't worry, I will keep performing and trying to relate the videos with the story. Cheers!! :)

    PD: McLaughlin, I haven't taked the time to see your message, but thanks a lot for your feedback here and on two videos that I've shared on December 2017. Your generosity drives this community ;)

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