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    If you are Creating A New Announcement thread, here are some things to remember....

    • By posting your video to a public area, you are accepting the fact that people can and will comment on your work. Their comments can be both positive and negative and you are prepared to received both types. It is unacceptable in this forum to only request positive feedback and such requests will not be enforced.
    • There is a difference between negative feedback and flaming. Here are some examples of Negative Feedback and Flaming.
      "The video quality was bad and the editing felt lazy."
      "The video looked like crap and you're a crappy editor."
      Negative feedback is acceptable. If you disagree with the commenter then you are welcome to respectfully state that you do not agree, or if you wish for them to elaborate their criticism so you can understand their views then you are encouraged to do so. Flaming is against the rules and will be punished with warnings and bans.
    • If you want people to check out your thread then try checking out and posting in other threads you see on the forum. You've got to give a little to get a little.
    If you are responding Announcement thread, here are some things to remember....

    • You are not required to give positive feedback but please refrain from flaming and/or picking fights with the OP. Flaming and/or picking fights can and will result in warnings and bans.
    • If you decide to give negative criticism, please try to elaborate on your thoughts. While you are not required to explain your every thought, leaving feedback such as "The video was bad" is lazy, and while acceptable, rather rude. By simply adding a small amount of additional information such as "The video was bad due to the poor quality and logos." you've gone from providing a short and lazy comment to criticism the editor can now use to improve with.
    • Try to put yourself in the editor's shoes when you're providing feedback. Everyone has their own style and some are more blunt than others when sharing their thoughts, and that is totally fine. But remember that not everyone will understand your views and sometimes a little clarification can make a world of difference.

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