Question of the Week #11 WHERE THE HELL AM I????

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True VR is the future of gaming

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  1. Ha..ha.. horrogames... NOPE

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  2. It could be, if you can prevent people from crashing into walls

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  3. I give it 5 years before people get bored of it

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  4. Waiting for the first death by VR to happen so people can stop doing it.

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  5. I will marry in VR

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  1. Kagacie

    Kagacie King of procrastinators and potatoes


    Hi there again!
    Welcome back to the Question of the week,

    Teleportation = humanity would die or go broke. or both


    This month the theme is Traveling, Editing, anime games everything is global and connected. We all travel so let us dedicate this month to the art of traveling


    The Question is:

    Which anime world would you like to go on holiday to for two weeks?

    Week 3 will be anime related as this is a ANIME music video site so time for the age old question with a twist, do you wish to game in the world of SAO for two weeks and then go home or have a memory of slaying titans as a fun holiday experience.
    it’s only two weeks.


    Poll results:

    Last week’s poll question was: Do you love sassy Wendy?


    Last week answer to the riddle: lelouch vi Britannia


    Riddle (as of this week done by WolfAndSerpent)

    This journey I must take,
    Seeking revenge for true love's sake.
    The hawk soars high above the hound,
    As my mark soaks this tainted ground


    Winner is : WolfAndSerpent)

    Manga this time: Ohega


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  2. WolfandSerpent

    WolfandSerpent Queen of Plushies

    Yess I am riddle master
    Hard to say, as there are tons of anime worlds that are just amazing and waay more awesome than this boring average one. But I'd have to say it would be One Piece, because who doesn't want to be a cool pirate with magical fruit powers. Who needs to swim anyway? Also most places are peaceful so the chance of death is low
  3. ZephyrStar

    ZephyrStar Moderator Staff Member

    Without a doubt:

    Just traveling around in ancient Japan where things sometimes get spooky, but otherwise are just really chill. And absolutely gorgeous.

  4. ailynerie

    ailynerie "El Angie"

    I'd take a vacation in the Kakumeiki Valvrave universe because:


    I cannot stress this enough. (I mean there's a war going on but..... space)

    I also get to turn into a vampire if I want to ride this mech so there's that as well.
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  5. Kagacie

    Kagacie King of procrastinators and potatoes

    Did you say space? and mecha's ? WHEN ARE WE LEAVING?
  6. Just cuz I'm a sucker for nostalgia and when I was a Kid it was my absolute favorite anime and I wanted so badly to be "digidestined" I'd say Digimon. Probably Digimon or if I had to pick a newer anime it would probably One Puece or maybe even Seven Deadly Sins as they have some pretty unique worlds and character abilities that it be cool to visit.
  7. Replay

    Replay Administrator Staff Member

    Hands down Digimon!
  8. Joskua

    Joskua Taco Queen Staff Member Queen of Tacos

    I WANT TO LIVE IN A WORLD WHERE I CAN RIDE A DRAGON so i'd be in Kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon :3c
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  9. Rider4Z

    Rider4Z The Machine

    Good choice.
  10. ZoroIttoryu

    ZoroIttoryu Pirate Hunter

    Digimon for me too ;)
  11. WolfandSerpent

    WolfandSerpent Queen of Plushies

    Why does no one like my riddles. Someone answer please D:
  12. Rider4Z

    Rider4Z The Machine

    I thought about it for a good while but I got nuthin :(
  13. mittoh!

    mittoh! Guest

    Eureka seven's world is really one of the most beautifully written and designed places ive ever seen. Astral Ocean wasnt as good storywise but did even better with its natural beauty. I feel happy already thinking about it.
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    I tried but cant solve the riddle, lol
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  14. TheAceRailgun

    TheAceRailgun Conlangery person

    Tbh I'd probably want to go to that world too, because Ref boarding.

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