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The age old war: Dog VS Cats - give a reply why!

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  1. Cats! most notable those with bread around their head

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  2. Dogs! especially if they wear cool sunglasses

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  1. Kagacie

    Kagacie King of procrastinators and potatoes


    Hi there again!
    Welcome to the Question Of The Week, for those new to this a quick explanation of how it works.

    The QOTW consist out of three parts

    - The Question Of The Week

    - Poll results

    - The weekly Craft


    Every week I ask a different question to the community, these questions could be anything but will mostly be related to amv’s, editing anime, music japan, etc.
    There is also a Topic each month to which the questions are related such a Christmas, Technology or something like Action videos.

    You can simply copy or Quote the question and give your answer. Easy, right?

    Poll results

    There will also be a weekly poll which will not always be related to the topic, the results of this poll will be shown in the next QOTW

    Weekly Craft

    Here will be whatever one of the great community members has crafted regarding to the topic.

    This could be anything from a picture of their amazing Halloween decorations, to a video dedicated to love.
    there is total creative freedom here, you can send it ANYTHING!

    So, show me your greatest creations!

    You can just send me a PM if you want to but I invite you to share your creations with the community show us what you are capable off

    The goal of this is simply to have people communicate about different topics and meet new people as you are always able to chat with others about new topics every week.

    This month because it is the first month with the new site we have two themes these are Christmas and AMVCentral.
    What do these themes mean? Christmas is very simply this month I want to know everything related to Christmas from the great people of this slowly growing community.

    I want to know everything from how you celebrate Christmas to your weirdest Christmas stories.

    And AMVCentral, I wish to know your opinions about everything related to this new community.

    Hope you enjoy this week’s QOTW and have a great day


    I’m really happy people liked the idea last week! So expect this to now be a weekly thing!
    thank you all your response!
    now time for the Questions.

    The Question is: What is the craziest thing that has happened to you during Christmas

    During this month of so many events going on, it's bound to happen that something weird occurs in your life. So tell us what is the craziest thing that happened to you ever in December.

    Did you accidentally set a Christmas tree on fire Or ended up spending Christmas with a total stranger.

    Maybe you woke up locked up in your house by snow.

    The Question is: How was your first week in this community?

    The first week since the forum has been online, many new members joined us this week.

    So I want to know how was your first week in this Community?

    Or was this not your first time in this community, have you been here for years? Then tell me the story of how your first week in an AMV community was.

    Poll results:

    Last week’s poll question was: Do you want more of this kind of thing?

    The majority Voted : YES!

    Yeaaa thank you all for voting and responding. Loved the responses to this and will definitely keep this up.

    Weekly craft:
    As this is only the first ever weekly craft and I sadly enough have nothing to add here.

    I will instead give you all a little challenge!

    I challenge you to go to the AMVCentral discord and choose a random editor from the list and start a conversation with them!

    Ask them how they are doing, ask about their latest video, their favorite movies, games, anime,send them a picture of your pet dragon!

    And send me screenshots of your best conversation!

    PS. sorry for the long post ._.
  2. ZoroIttoryu

    ZoroIttoryu Pirate Hunter

    What is the craziest thing that has happened to you during Christmas?
    Got stuck in a village without internet cause of snow, im still having nightmares :eek:
    How was your first week in this community?

    Really like it here, i hope this community will grow really large soon.
    People are fun and i get to read some funny posts :p
  3. Kagacie

    Kagacie King of procrastinators and potatoes

    .. how did you survive... you are a strong one.

    and it will grow big, i'm sure of that! else we burn down russia. then they have no other option but to get here
  4. mittoh!

    mittoh! Guest


    What is the craziest thing that has happened to you during Christmas
    There was this one time where i spent like half the day crawling about on the rooftops pretending to be Santa. Ended up throwing books into my neighbours garden with my siblings for the lols.

    How was your first week in this community?
    I posted like twice on the .org community, but im now the 5th most posted person on the new site. Absolutely fantastic.
    Hopefully nobody's gonna take that as a challenge- because one day i will beat replay's massive post count, and become the #1 poster. I'm gradually meeting and recognising more and more people, its great fun!
    (Im not spamming for posts :eek:)

    Ive got some funny exchanges on discord to post, ill probably post them later. :p
  5. ZoroIttoryu

    ZoroIttoryu Pirate Hunter

    I really dont know myself.
    The struggle was real :eek:
  6. Kagacie

    Kagacie King of procrastinators and potatoes

    seriously just how drunk were you that night?
  7. I don't think I really have any crazy Christmas stories. I go to work I go home I stay there. I'm pretty boring. Probably the most interesting story I have was senior year in high school I worked at Burger King and usually Christmas eve we got to close early. this particular year the store owner decided to have regular hours on Christmas eve so we had to stay open til 10pm and then close up so we ere there until 11pm. Well the general manager at the time wasn't happy about the hours either so he and another employee went out and bought beer for everyone and snuck it in through the back in an empty trash can so the owner couldn't see it on his home cctv cameras. It was the first beer I ever had, under age no less, but they got corona lite (which is a terrible beer if you've never had one). I drank half of one determined it was gross and then spent the rest of the night paranoid that my parents would find out by smelling alcohol on me when I got home. I also found a red bouncy ball that night and annoyed everyone with it.
    That's the craziest story I've got and its pretty tame.

    The first week was pretty good. It got me motivated to finish editing my super stupid amv about flying panty monsters. I haven't edited anything since late September so there's that. Now I just need to get motivated to finish tje Kisnaiver amv I've got 30 or 40 seconds done on and whrn Ajin season 2 comes out here finish that amv. Otherwise the forums here have been good and I like that the link to the discord chat that's pretty cool.
  8. mittoh!

    mittoh! Guest

    >:] mwuahahaha
  9. Replay

    Replay Administrator Staff Member

    The Question is: What is the craziest thing that has happened to you during Christmas
    One year, my fireplace caught fire and it spread the fire underneath the floor to my bed when I was sleeping

    The Question is: How was your first week in this community?
    I am happy to see how big we are growing already and the activity, so once again thank you for all who has joined us~

    You only have to be active to achieve this ;)
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  10. Rider4Z

    Rider4Z The Machine

    oh hell no i'm out :eek:
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  11. ZoroIttoryu

    ZoroIttoryu Pirate Hunter

    props to you for surviving :eek:
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  12. Fall_Child42

    Fall_Child42 Moderator

    What is the craziest thing that has happened to you during Christmas
    Our area of Canada had this huge ice storm, knocking out power about a week and a half before Christmas.
    Some other areas surrounding my folks got their power back, but not us. I visit my parents close to Christmas And they were sitting in the house in full sweaters and winter jackets. I tried to sleep the night and it was dropping to minus 30 or 40 I got up at like 2 AM and said "this is Ridiculous get in the car i'm driving us a few towns over where they have power and we are staying in a hotel." A bunch of other people in our area were there as well. We went back to the house just before Christmas to see if the power was back on. It wasn't. Walking around the frigid house was like a horror movie. We could see our breath and the only light from the window gave everything a blue tone.

    Back to the hotel for Christmas eve and Christmas. The only store open at all was a 7-11. Our Christmas dinner consisted of chips and 7-11 burgers. we then watched a Back to the Future marathon on the Hotel TV.

    How was your first week in this community?
    Pretty good, I want to engage more but i just moved and my life is in boxes.
    I know most of you folks and everybody is super chill.
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  13. Kagacie

    Kagacie King of procrastinators and potatoes

    that is one hell of a way to "celebrate"christmas, but hey back to the future marathon!

    you're life looks pretty cool
  14. Kagacie

    Kagacie King of procrastinators and potatoes

    I have several questions
    - how did you not notice your house burning
    - isn't a fireplace to have fire in it
    - why were you asleep with fire still casually burning downstairs
    - just how deep were you sleeping to only notice it when your bed started burning

    and hey you guys gave us the opportunity to even get here in the first place
  15. mittoh!

    mittoh! Guest

  16. Replay

    Replay Administrator Staff Member

    Well, I woke up and didn't notice any fire or anything, went got some water to drink (the fire has been under the house for a little bit at that time). When I returned back to bed, I heard a weird noise, so I went outside and looked under the house and the fire was under the living room and my room. Freaked out and called the fire department
    The fireplace was built correctly according the firemen
    Most the time I was until I got up to for a drink of water
    Well If I didn't get up for water, I wouldve slept through it until it was too late probably
    Pure luck
  17. Kagacie

    Kagacie King of procrastinators and potatoes

    also very curious how you got "under "the house, maybe just canada housebuilding.
  18. Shin

    Shin Senpai Staff Member Calendar Senpai

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