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I would totally survive Battle Royale/Hunger Games

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  1. I know no mercy

  2. But but MY FRIENDS!

  3. First to die :D

  4. Does hiding in a cave count as surviving?

  5. please DON'T SHOOT ME ;_;

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  1. Kagacie

    Kagacie King of procrastinators and potatoes

    Hi there again!
    Welcome to the Question of the week, for those new to this a quick explanation of how it works.

    The QOTW exist out of three parts

    - The Question of the week

    - Poll results

    - The weekly Riddle


    Every week I ask a different question to the community, these questions could be anything but will mostly be related to amv’s, editing anime, music japan, etc.
    There is also a Topic each month to which the questions are related such a Christmas, Technology, Action videos.

    You can simply copy or Quote the question and give your answer. Easy, right?

    Poll results

    There will also be a weekly poll which will not always be related to the topic, the results of this poll will be shown in the next Qotw

    Weekly Riddle

    Every week I will present a riddle to the community, the answers to these riddles could be an anime or a character.

    If the answer is a character just naming the anime will considered correct but the more specific the better. It will give you higher points.

    Correct anime is 5 points

    Correct character is 10 points

    The user who has it right by the end of the week gets to highlight something of their choice, this can be: a song, a film a AMV, just a random video, or just something you wish to share with the community.

    And the user with the most points end of the month gets to choose the theme of next month

    Answer will be posted next week!

    The goal of this is simply to have people communicate about different topics and meet new people as you are always able to chat with others about new topics every week.

    Hope you enjoy this weeks Qotw and have a great day

    First off, hope everyone had a great first week! Wasn’t able to comment at all this week cause of some stuff that had to be taken care of, my apologies!

    This month the theme is Videogames, As I know many within this community are also gamers, whether you roam the vast lands of Skyrim, wait for your ultimate in Overwatch or plan your steps out in Hitman. Most of have videogames as a secondary hobby so let us dedicate this month to this!

    The Question is: What is the game that meant the most to you

    Every gamer has that one game that comes to mind when you someone asks you “what is your favorite game” but that is not the question here, the question is what is the game that really meant the most to you, maybe it is just your favorite game. Maybe it is a game that you loved to play as a child. Perhaps a game in which you made lifelong friends.

    Poll results:

    Starting this week, you are allowed to ask for addition poll options.

    Last week’s poll question was: should science create humans with animal treats?

    Weekly Riddle(Character):

    I rule the sea, I will rule the land, but it's flies I cannot stand

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  2. EnQuatre

    EnQuatre New Member

    Oh gosh, so many questions!

    I think these threads are a great idea, but with so many topics in the post to respond to it is a lot to take in at once... just my two cents!

    I'd get killed off by the arena in Hunger Games for not playing along with the game master's plans. :/

    Battle Royale... well... I guess it would depend on what weapon I get?

    Game that meant the most to me... Well, Combat Flight Simulator 2 was my favorite childhood game. Made me obsessed with planes and the idea of flying one, although I've done nothing to pursue that ambition since T.T

    DOTA was also important to me in college. Had a good friend who I played DOTA with a lot of nights who sadly is no longer with us...

    Riddle? Geh, Imma guess some person from One Piece, which I've never seen... I have no clue...!
  3. Cmoididi

    Cmoididi WeedLord

    idk why the riddle make me think about Jormungand and what Koko said about herself.
  4. Iren S.S.

    Iren S.S. Guns N' Vincents

    What is the game that meant the most to you?

    Final Fantasy IX for sure. I first played it like 10 years ago and it had since become my number one. The world of that game was just unforgettable, and I was fascinated how much work was put in the settings and the atmosphere: all those little details, architecture, names and etc taken from various cultures. And the MUSIC, oh my it was perfect~~~ Not mentioning the characters and the plot even. The game is a pure magic and I have always been opposed to the popular notion that FF7 is the best in the series, although I like it a lot :D Me and my sister used to beat the final boss over and over again just to watch the final cutscenes and credits (had no internet back then).
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  5. Sonicfreak

    Sonicfreak Secretly a normie

    I have to go with Battlefield 3, not so much because of the game itself while great at the time, but because of the community behind it.
    Playing together with the oldest battlefield player in the world and his clan for a few years was surprisingly a blast. Even getting to a point where we ended up organizing a little meetup with each other.
    Haven't had such a connection with players in a game ever since.
    5 hours Operation Metro server I will never forget you
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  6. Cmoididi

    Cmoididi WeedLord

    New What is the game that meant the most to you?

    Me too Battlefield 3 is one of my main game, i started to be a "gamer" with this. Before i played a lot to Call of duty (from COD 3 to the 1st black ops, luv game who are look like an movie with some interaction haha). And it's the last game i realy tryhard on my PS3 (and last game i played on a console)
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  7. ailynerie

    ailynerie "El Angie"

    What is the game that meant the most to you?

    Black Mesa, probably, it allowed me to get closer to one of my best friends and to appreciate first person shooters more, when at first I was always against them because of the negativity I always saw within the community, which is awesome because that change now allows me to play games like Overwatch along with my friends :D

    (was I quick enough for you this time Didi?)
  8. It would probably be Ace Combat 5 The Unsung War or Ace Combat Squadron leader depending on where you live. Here in the US it was Ace Combat 5 The Unsung War. I played that game daily, beat it multiple times, unlocked Ace Mode (which is the hardest mode on the game) and played it some more. It made me want to be a fighter pilot, just to have my dreams dashed in High School when the air force all but laughed at my miserably terrible vision and told me I didn't qualify to fly a plane even with lasik because they'd have to do too many procedures to fix my eyes. I played that game to death and then when my ps2 started to die I would spend a half hour trying to get it to read just to play it for a few hours... I'll still pop it in the ps2 and play it on occasion. None of the other games in the series really compared to that game for me. I fell in love with Ace Combat 5 so I'd have to say that's the game that's meant the most to me. Life Is Strange and the Persona series would probably be a close second and third though as they also come to mind immediately when I think of games that meant the most to me.
  9. mittoh!

    mittoh! Guest

    What is the game that meant the most to you?

    This is really a hard one. Out of all the games ive played nothing really compares the the amount i loved as a kid the legend of spyro trilogy. From what i understand it was a reboot of the spyro game series and i played it so much as a child, even though I was extremely bad. I struggled through every level but i loved it to bits and always brings back some fantastic memories. Emotion wise this probably has the most of my attention.

    However, although it didnt really leave that much of an impression and it wasnt that good, i spent a huge proportion of my time in secondary school playing world of tanks to death and met quite a few people. Although I'm quite neutral towards the people and entertainment i got from it, It would be foolish to think that it didnt have a huge effect on my perspective and personality haha

    Btw, theres a site where you can do a text simulation of the hunger games with a custom cast... maybe we should stream it with people here lmao
  10. Ileia

    Ileia WHAT IS PINK MAY NEVER DIE Staff Member Calendar Senpai

    I didn't own a console as a child (though my brothers did). My video game usage pre-2004 was pretty much restricted to Solitaire when I was bored in the library at school. I watched other people play games secondhand, but didn't really do it myself. I got into AMVs before I'd ever really played any video games so I had very little interest or skill.

    Then the friends I made through the AMV community introduced me to a number of games since they routinely would get together to play. It's interesting that this is still a thing that AMV editors end up doing together that solidifies "friendship", I guess the hobbies go hand in hand. Anyway, that was 2005 or so. We played Counter-Strike, Gunbound, and random one-off games. I am not a competitive game player - largely because I'm not good at video games. I play to enjoy time with others. So around 2006-ish, what is essentially a dress-up anime-styled golf game called Pangya popped up in our group. It's not super competitive - you're not killing the other players and not really a reason to get salty at anyone. You're just playing golf. It's quiet, calming, and we'd spend more time talking on Skype about random stuff than about the game itself. A normal game only held 4 players, so it would just be smaller Skype conferences where we'd just catch up with each other - it was easier than large conferences where people often get drowned out. So, odd as it may seem, a lot of my friendships began with a base of shooting-the-shit while playing loli golf. :oops:

    That's where my avatar is from (and has been for years). Ta-daaaaa! You may also recognize the :ying: face - [​IMG] from the Org, it's one of the emojis from the in-game messenger.
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  11. Replay

    Replay Administrator Staff Member

    Zelda: Ocarina of Time

    I rented this game back when it first came out. I loved it so much, that I had to re-rent it every weekend to try to progress through the game. My parents realized that I was obsessed with the game and got it for me for Christmas.
  12. Cmoididi

    Cmoididi WeedLord

    I don't understand haha But you can't play overwatch, i saw your lag skill haha
  13. ZoroIttoryu

    ZoroIttoryu Pirate Hunter

    The Question is: What is the game that meant the most to you
    Its probably Assassin's Greed 2, played it more hours than i can count when i was in junior highschool
    Those were the days man
  14. WolfandSerpent

    WolfandSerpent Queen of Plushies

    Man this is a hard one to answer. Going to have to go with the pokemon series as a whole, rather than any individual one. Before I saw a copy of LeafGreen being sold in a shop when I was a kid, I didn't have any form of game console (handheld or otherwise) due to family being pretty strict with that kind of thing, but I remember after seeing that I begged my mam to buy me a GBA so I could play this cool game about catching monsters and letting them fight to the death XD
    Since then its been a staple of mine, I haven't missed an entry (including spin-offs like ranger or mystery dungeon) and it never fails to bring back nostalgic memories and give me something to wind down with. That and I love any game that lets me tame creatures, its like having free pets that don't die
    Could this...possibly be...
    Ika Musume...SQUID GIRL?!
  15. Kagacie

    Kagacie King of procrastinators and potatoes

    haha chill no need to respond to EVERYTHING, the poll is just for fun and no need to make a full comment on it.
    the main thing of this post of only the question really everything else is just simple fun thing.
  16. Kagacie

    Kagacie King of procrastinators and potatoes

    also I love the reactions this week, all these stories bring back lots of nostalgia and it's amazing to read it all. funny how something as "simple" as a game can have so much impact on peoples life and give back great memories\

    PS. Result for riddle will be posted this friday!
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