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    I know... it's another Shape of Voice AMV. Guess it just goes to show how popular it is.

    I have seen a lot of really good romance AMVs showcasing the relationship Shoya has with Nishimiya, but I wanted to kind of deviate from that and focus on Shoya's journey of self redemption. I think this movie tells a beautiful story about self depreciation, and how your life can impact another, for better or for worse.

    I wanted to really capture the parallelism between his fate and that of Nishimiya. The movie opens with him considering suicide, and the second act ends with him saving someone else.

    I know that the song is religious, but I hope the greater theme of trying to find purpose and hope in your life bleeds through.

    Please give me any kind of feedback you can, technical or conceptual. I've never tried to say this much in an AMV before, so I would love to get some other editor's reactions.

  2. I really enjoyed this video a lot. I felt that the song fit the source very well, and I loved how you focused on Shoya for this video so much. I've seen a lot of amvs with this source that focus on Nishimiya or the relationship between Nishimiya and Shoya, but I've never seen one that focused solely on Shoya and his story before. So this was a refreshing video to watch.

    As far as technical stuff goes you use a lot of hard sync where you switch clips on the beat, but I didn't seem much other types of sync the video. Maybe try to work in more internal beat sync with things in clips timed to beats and more lyrical sync.

    I did really enjoy this video and I thought the concept was very strong. Good Job and I hope to see more from you going forward in the future.

    On a side note. I went to see if you were over on the org and see if the video was up over there for download since I liked it. I noticed that you're in Colorado. We live in the same state so that's pretty cool (providing that it's the same user name over there for you and not someone else with the same name that's not you). You should totally submit this to NDK and come hang out with the editors at the meet and greets and amv panels. Be cool to meet you.
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    I would love to meet more editors from Colorado! I've been to NDK for the past few years but haven't had the courage to submit anything haha. It means a lot to me that another editor enjoyed something I made, thank you so much!!

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