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Discussion in 'AMV Roulette 2017' started by Radical_Yue, Jan 16, 2017.

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  1. HakuRyuu

    HakuRyuu Member

    alright folks , count me in :D
    gl for everyone else x)
  2. KonahaANBU

    KonahaANBU Lancelot

    sign me up. gentle ppl
  3. Hikan

    Hikan New Member

    I'm in
  4. xtonina1981

    xtonina1981 New Member

    hey gentleman I wanna take part please
  5. mittoh!

    mittoh! Guest

    Gentlemen im down for this
  6. None Offensive Name

    None Offensive Name New Member

    oh nice, i'm after larry tho, count me in, gentlemen
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2017
  7. Gentlemen, please.

    Last edited: Jan 22, 2017
  8. Strat

    Strat New Member

    Here you are. Gentlemen always have to make apparitions with impact!
  9. HakuRyuu

    HakuRyuu Member

    Gentelmen , I wish to sign up
  10. SilverStrike

    SilverStrike New Member

    Ok, trying to post was odd. Love the fact though that we have to nod at the prize of a lovely GENTLEMAN banana to enter.
    Plus one must love the thinking yes I'm okay to do this and then realizing te had another project they were going to do during said time. Oh well I'll figure it out. Time Management right? o_O
  11. iKuro

    iKuro Potato chip

    Gentlemen, i would like to join please =)
  12. shorisquared

    shorisquared Best Waifu

    I wish to sign up.

    My criteria:
  13. MinetChan

    MinetChan Member

    Gentlemen, I am ready to EDIT!!! :D
  14. Ruru

    Ruru New Member

    Gentlemen, I wish to join
  15. EclipseAMV

    EclipseAMV New Member

  16. Lucifer

    Lucifer New Member

    Gentlemen, I wish to sign up
  17. Radical_Yue

    Radical_Yue Administrator Staff Member

    Only a few spots remaining and then the thread will be locked. If you want in but you're still on the fence about it then you need to decide soon.
  18. Sonicfreak

    Sonicfreak Secretly a normie

  19. ThyPirateKing

    ThyPirateKing New Member

    Hello gentlemen, I would like to sign up. xD
  20. exkcal

    exkcal Wielder of Windows Movie Maker

    leme in
    Gentlemen, I wish to sign up
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