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    Are you looking for an AMV contest to challenge yourself?
    Tired of making AMVs for fun and want to compete against others?
    Want to feel satisfied making AMVs and gain popularity by winning a contest?
    Are you only starting and actually want to test out your editing skills against others?
    This contest might be for you.

    WAC:re is the team currently managing a weekly amv contest where you can compete every week under different kinds of restrictions.
    It's currently being relaunched as it's been through many changes over the few years. It was officially launched in 2017 but fell short over time due to internal conflicts. However, it's currently being rebooted and with more content.

    So about the restrictions, it's usually an anime list that they give out every week that the audience can vote and the most popular animes will be chosen as restrictions during the active week. What it means is that the editors will have to only use the animes that were the most voted for that week as restrictions.

    On top of that, they also give out free anime packs which are anime episodes cut in scenes ready to edit so that you don't have to go through the entire episode (unless you actually like that workflow)!

    Essentially, at the end of every week, there will be a results video featuring the top 5 entries chosen from our judges as a way to promote all the contestants.
    There is also a category for long and short AMVs including favorite entry of the week and honorable mentions!

    I suggest you go take a look at their discord server since this is where most of the updates will be.
    On that note, I guess I'll see you there if this peaked your attention!

    Discord server:

    Visit our website for more info
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