Retarded Unit IC - Rise Of The Flamingo

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  1. VideoBeats

    VideoBeats #Nolife

    Heyo :3 We are hyped to announce our first IC!
    It will be held from 2nd -5th of may beginning with the publish of the songpack at 20pm on the 2nd.
    Every judge will provide 10 songs for his category, resulting in 40 songs per category to ensure that everyone will find a spicy song :)
    There will be two categories: „Make a good Video“ and „Retarded“.
    We try to be as transparent as possible in our judging, therefore we wrote down judging criteria and our definition of these.

    „Make a good Video“ Judges:
    Bimyou, Lolligerjoj, Sonicfreak, VideoBeats

    „Retarded“ Judges:
    Leolide, MrNosec, Mycathatesyou, VideoBeats
    Pls join our Discord for exact Rules etc. :

    If anyone doesn't want to use discord just contact me on any other plattform and we will send you all the stuff :)

    Would be nice to see some of you join :3

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