Rock You in 2020

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    Happy New Year Everyone.

    I have been away for over a year and haven't been able to work on any amvs this past year. I have been out of touch with anime and amvs for long but I'd love to catch on, so if you would like to share any amv from last year PM me and I'd be happy to check it or provide some constructive feedback. I guess I'll catch on with help of shorisquared's playlists or crackthesky's blog if they are still publishing it.

    This project is actually from 2 years ago. I posted a 30 second video for new year but couldn't get to complete it. Recently, something got me to work on this project and I'm glad it did. I'm beginning to take interest again and feel like working on some ideas but let's see. That said, I hope you enjoy this video though it's a bit rushed at some parts. I hope you start this year with same energy as this video, thank you.

    Video: Rock You in 2020
    Category: Action, Fun
    Anime: Attack on Titan (TV), My Hero Academia (TV), Various, etc. (+7)
    Song: We Will Rock You
    Artist: Five, Queen
    Creator: Pysh

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    That was a fun video. =]

    Yes, Crack still is publishing his blog. There's another one too you might like by Seasons. Both of them have been posting their 2019 roundups this past week.

    Glad you got to complete your video and good luck getting back into AMVs!
    I am also trying to catch up on things I've missed. I was gone for several years and then when I came back my internet was super crappy so I had to be really choosey about what I wanted to watch.
    Everything's pretty good now though so I'm playing the big game of catch up.
  3. Pysh

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    I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you, not sure if I'll get much time but I'll of course try to work on something this year. So, you too have a channel ? I'd be happy to check your videos. Thank you so much for sharing links, it could take time but I'll sure check these blogs in time.
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    Thanks. I do have a channel, but there's really nothing much on it, and what is on it is rather out of date. Technically it's
  5. Pysh

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    I checked some of your work and it's quiet good, nice work.
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