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    :LuciBro:There were quite a few ties for certain ranks. Editors that tied with each other were listed in alphabetical order.
    :LuciBro: Videos had the chance to earn a total of 400 points (100 points per judge) with a 50 point deduction from the overall score if the special requirement was not met.
    :LuciBro: Scores will not be revealed until the contest has concluded and then we will only release the overall scores from all 3 rounds.
    :LuciBro: Remember that there are NO ELIMINATIONS so even if you didn't rank as highly as you had hoped for this round there will be more chances.
    :LuciBro: You can toggle between the judge's comments by clicking the tabs at the bottom of the google doc.
    :LuciBro: You can now upload your videos wherever you want [​IMG]
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  2. Pysh

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    17 to 27... that's pretty bad. It was obvious though as there were so many amazing entries. Lot of 'em really did so well. Anyway... Thank You so much for the opinions and suggestions, it'll be so helpful when I get back on this video again :) Looking forward to others work in round 3. I won't be able to make it this time but I had a lot of fun working on videos these 2 rounds and I wish others all the best for Round 3 ;).
  3. ZoroIttoryu

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    Some pretty cool videos this round too.
    Cant wait to see the videos for last round!

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