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  1. Radical_Yue

    Radical_Yue Administrator Staff Member



    Video Genre: Action
    Music Genre: Pop
    Special Requirement: I'M BATMAN
    Video must feature at least 10 seconds of a character wearing a cape.
    Long coats/trench coats are not capes.

    At the start of each round 3 wheels will be spun to determine each requirement listed above. There will be a livestream that you can watch here: Official AMV Roulette Channel

    Round 2 End

    Once the wheels have been spun the requirements will be posted here in the thread with a FAQ concerning the Special Requirement. If you are unsure about whether or not your song meets the genre requirement, you have 48 hours from the round start to PM Kisanzi to verify your song is OK. His stamp of approval is NOT REQUIRED if you know your song fits the genre. The song checks exists only as confirmation when there is uncertainty. Remember that your AMV must be at least 1:30 excluding credits, and 1:30 must meet the song criteria.
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  2. Kagacie

    Kagacie King of procrastinators and potatoes

    will I be banned from roulette if I drop again ?
  3. exkcal

    exkcal Wielder of Windows Movie Maker

  4. Strat

    Strat New Member

    "Video must feature at least 10 seconds of a character wearing a cape."

    Just only one character or can we show more characters using it until get 10 seconds?
  5. AniRose

    AniRose New Member

    welcome to fun hell
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  6. Nate

    Nate Nate The Old School Otaku AMV Contest Coordinator

    Can we get a proper written definition of what is actually being expect of for the term, Pop as a Genre? The term is extremely vague and what constitutes pop changes from person to person, decade, year, location, ect. The wikipedia article goes more into this:

    Or to quote an except from the Music Genre article that discusses it a little less distinctly ->
    There is also the issue that Pop Music and Popular Music are also two different terms meaning two different things yet at the same time are also used interchangeably. So this could also be the definition ->

    So it would be extremely helpful in solidifying what is being expected by the judges to have a definition posted to the rules here rather then having to scroll through hundreds of posts in the discord chat to get a vague understanding.
  7. sakuraslight

    sakuraslight New Member

    Anything that makes it into the top 40 of the charts I what i would consider popular. But then anything that Is not obviously RAP, HIPHOP, DUBSTEP, etc. But some pop songs can contain eliminates of different genres. also if you look up the song on LAST FM or WIKI it will tell you on the left side of the screen what Genres it will fit into. Usually mixed Genres are ok for Roulette.
  8. Ploxerdon

    Ploxerdon I have returned

    Yeah, what makes a pop song or not? Does it have to currently count as pop? Or also past pop songs?

    Need to know!
  9. WolfandSerpent

    WolfandSerpent Queen of Plushies

    Wonder how many times we will see One Punch Man this round? Predicted SAO last time and got none, so wonder if anyone will go One Punch Man?
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  10. Sex Offender

    Sex Offender New Member

    consider nine inch nails is pop music
  11. ZoroIttoryu

    ZoroIttoryu Pirate Hunter

    That gif though
  12. Kisanzi

    Kisanzi New Member

    Here is something to clarify:

    This is a list of the current top 100 Pop artists on the billboard charts. Look at the artists on this list and think about what all their music has in common. While I know some bands pop up on there, such as Metallica who is rock more than pop, the majority is the sound you are looking for, not the minority.

    Pop music in itself is a genre that is aiming for radio dominance with the masses of all ages and has a heavy emphasis on the vocalist over the rest of the band. If you are on the fence about an artist being pop, then think about if that artist would be played on a pop radio station among the likes of "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga, "Shake It Off" by Taylor Swift, or "Can't Stop The Feeling" by Justin Timberlake.

    Again, this contest is all about fun and challenging yourself, so reach out of your comfort zone to something that is clearly Pop, versus treading the gray line in between as much as possible. You may be surprised how good you are at using music you never thought you'd edit with before.
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  13. Sex Offender

    Sex Offender New Member

    Metallica is not just a real pop band, but it is also extremely gay. u guys should've worked harder on definitions of rules, if u link billboards as reference pls dont bother to exclude or include bands on immeasurable attributes that are obvious to you and only you in fact, and even if you want so, pls do it prior to round start. Thats all from me, thank you.
  14. Radical_Yue

    Radical_Yue Administrator Staff Member

    Thems the rules. Deal with it.
    And don't you have some sex that you need to be offending? Get outta here, Moo.
  15. Kisanzi

    Kisanzi New Member

    Since music has 1000's of genres and definitions for each, we are going with the popular consensus of the definitions. Personal bias and misinterpretation of music genre will always be an issue since we are all free-thinking individuals, so unfortunately there is no way to write a rule that everyone on Earth would be able to understand without error. However, we include in the rules that "If you have doubts if your music fits the rules, entrants may verify the song that they have chosen by looking it up on Last.FM to see if the selected music genre is listed as one of the top tags." Even if it is not tagged as the required genre and you believe it should be, then you can PM me the song for review. I am volunteering my time to be on call to check and approve/deny songs sent by PM to support this contest and it's entrants. This is how it has worked for the past three years without any significant issues. As a test, running Metallica songs through, they do not come up tagged as pop, nor would I approve them if they were sent to me via PM.

    In the end, we are providing an event for people to have fun and express themselves creatively. We appreciate feedback, but asking an individual to write a universal definition of a music genre that won't be questioned, disputed, or challenged by others seems like an impossible task. However if you wish to assist in improving the contest and can write such a definition, then please pass it our way for consideration. But in the end, it is up to the opinions of the judges and myself to be the final call on music genre requirements. If you take great issue with this, then thank you for your interest, but maybe this contest isn't the best fit for you.
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  16. Sex Offender

    Sex Offender New Member

    no u got it wrong however. I'm not asking you to
    cuz its sorta apparent to me u wouldn't do it for a row of reasons. I was just alright with checking music genre on lastfm, despite method is not really qualified as it could be, and i really see no point in changing rules on-the-fly by linking some other shit and then stating "some of that shit is not working as first we said". what for this wiggling is, can't we just get rid of it? I believe it's also your interest if ppl could stick to one principle in what they are doing and not addressing "stupid" questions to you.
  17. mittoh!

    mittoh! Guest

    Got muh idea and song but only a few hours to edit... time to pull something miraculous off to push me back up! :Embarrassed:
  18. shorisquared

    shorisquared Best Waifu

    You on a limited deadline or something?
  19. WolfandSerpent

    WolfandSerpent Queen of Plushies

    Thank you to the judges for their feedback, I shall disperse the bees from round 1 in order to redeem myself for round 2. Where I will probably end up being covered in eels or something instead

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