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    Video Genre: Comedy/Fun
    Music Genre: Covers/Remixs
    Special Requirement: Sexy Time Yes
    (Video must feature at least 3 different on-screen kisses.)
    ;3 Kisses must be between 2 characters on the lips.
    ;3 The kiss scenes must be different scenes. You can not use the same scene multiple times.
    ;3Parodies are not covers
    ;3 Since this is not a time based special requirement, you can leave the kiss scenes on screen for as long as you see fit. However, we have to be able to easily identify the kiss scenes so 1 frame flashes do not count. If we can't see it easily then it doesn't count.

    At the start of each round 3 wheels will be spun to determine each requirement listed above. There will be a livestream that you can watch here: Official AMV Roulette Channel

    Round End

    Once the wheels have been spun the requirements will be posted here in the thread with a FAQ concerning the Special Requirement. If you are unsure about whether or not your song meets the genre requirement, you have 48 hours from the round start to PM Kisanzi to verify your song is OK. His stamp of approval is NOT REQUIRED if you know your song fits the genre. The song checks exists only as confirmation when there is uncertainty. Remember that your AMV must be at least 1:30 excluding credits, and 1:30 must meet the song criteria.
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    Unfortunately I got an exam on 11th march, it was announced a week after I joined roulette.I really wish I could but sorry I won't be able to make it this time :(.
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    Last round?
    IM IN

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