Run Boy Run

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  1. Joo

    Joo feel good inc

    Titel: Run Boy Run
    Anime: Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru
    Musik: Woodkid - Run Boy Run
    Link: 1080p

  2. Chibiahiru

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    You’ve got good pace throughout, but I have to ask, is the anime only about running? One of my favorite things about sports anime is the underlying story or the psychological reason the protagonist chooses to compete so hard. If anything, I’d say to add a bit more of that in here, especially during the chorus.

    Celia Phantomhive’s ambition (in my opinion of course) a “pro” level example of this. Even with all the cool after effects stuff aside, her shot choice tells the story of the competition as well as the characters’ ambitions off the ice.

    Other than that though, the song and the anime go well together. I think the drum beat with the speeding animation worked really well and created a lot of internal sync naturally without too many cuts!

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