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  1. Sagiki

    Sagiki New Member

    Hello, Sagiki alias Djason (real name), french amv maker, love VFX, so much rotoscoping in after effects, much 18 years old :D

    Here my for download my bests AMVs, and my YouTube channel.
    Tell me if you play Xenoverse 2 (on Steam), we will do some match !

    For more question, feel free to send me a message !
    Sayonara !
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  2. Cmoididi

    Cmoididi WeedLord

    jā€™appelle la police tout de suite
  3. Sagiki

    Sagiki New Member

  4. Replay

    Replay Administrator Staff Member

  5. HakuRyuu

    HakuRyuu Member

    Yo mec :D
  6. Cmoididi

    Cmoididi WeedLord

    wow we can clic on the game name, very technological
  7. HakuRyuu

    HakuRyuu Member

    all heil sagiki hehe xD
  8. exkcal

    exkcal Wielder of Windows Movie Maker

    I would hit you up but xenoverse 2 but i was horrible disappointed by it and uninstalled! Welcome!
  9. Sagiki

    Sagiki New Member

    Buy it [​IMG]

    Ohhhh so bad :confused:

    Thanks everyone :)
  10. Joskua

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    Welcome to the forum, Sagiki! :)
  11. Shin

    Shin Senpai Staff Member Calendar Senpai

    Hi! I subbed.
  12. Axel

    Axel Super High School Level Bad Luck

    Hello there :cool: ! Welcome to the forum xD !
  13. mittoh!

    mittoh! Guest

    Nice videos :eek:
    good to meet you man :D
  14. Kazu

    Kazu Pink Power

    Hey hey welcome to the forums! :)
  15. Sagiki

    Sagiki New Member


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