[Shinzui] Children's Trial [Akross 2019]

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    Made for Akross 2019:
    Hello everyone! For many years I have been making and planning this amv and even started as late as March 2017 to begin editing this. Due to pushing this back and other things happening I have never gotten around to finishing this and here I am as today. Originally this was not supposed to be for a contest, but because I did not have anything to submit for this and neither did I allow myself to edit anything besides this. I have made this for myself only since it is a fun edit I started, but if you guys like it then I will appreciate it. I had to rush through it a lot, but I believe it's still satisfying in the end nevertheless. I would also like to think the people who has helped me in making this, I really do appreciate it a lot!

    Thank you for reading this description by the way and hope you enjoy this xD.

    Anime: Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans
    Music: My First Story - Home

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