SMASH! 2018 Anime Music Video Competition [12th Edition] | WINNERS REVEALED

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    The 12th Edition of the SMASH! Anime Music Video Competition is back! Plus debuting the SMASH! AMV Showcase!

    Hi everyone! Anam the (assistant :rolleyes:) AMV Co-ordinator here!

    Thank you everyone who participated in last year’s SMASH! AMV competition, including the voting for the People’s Choice Award! We have had another successful year all thanks to you guys!

    The SMASH! AMV Competition has returned for it’s 12th edition in 2018. After seeing how the numerous change we underwent played out, we decided to keep some of them, whilst changing a few others. To find out more about what we have in store for you this year, then keep on reading this post! :D

    To find out more information, click on the links below:
    Main AMV Page
    Rules and Submissions Guidelines
    AMV Submission Form

    When does the competition start: NOW!
    When does the competition close: Sunday, 17 June, 2018 @ 11:59 p.m. (AEST/UTC+10) (Deadline for your timezone is at the end of this post)


    This year, we are introducing a new feature – the SMASH! AMV Showcase! What is it? Well, simply - it's a showcase for AMVs! However, the AMV Showcase is strictly not competitive (that is, you will not be eligible to compete for any of the AMV Competition awards). You guys might ask - but why bother entering if I don't have a chance to receive an award? Well, every year there has been an increasing amount of people attending our screenings, making it one of the most popular events at SMASH!. Our screenings event has received a lot of positive feedback, and we thought that we can utilise this popularity and allow other editors to gain exposure! Introducing the showcase allows you guys to submit AMVs (without feeling the pressure of the competition). It is also a great way to gain exposure, especially if you are a small editor! We always get questions about the various types of AMVs that are screened, so there is no doubt that you will gain some interest as well!

    In addition, we have some other changes to the competition, including:
    ● You can now enter up to TWO (2) AMV submissions! – this number counts for BOTH the AMV competition and the AMV showcase.
    ● Reverting back to our old category system – we felt like the number of categories we provided was somewhat overwhelming and therefore we have decided to go back to our old category system (with some slight variations).

    To find out more information about the other changes and additions our competition this year, please refer our main page as well as the rules and submissions guidelines to ensure that you are fully aware of the requirements of your AMV before entering the AMV Competition and/or AMV Showcase.


    That’s all for now!

    For those who choose to come back and enter our AMV competition this year – welcome back!

    For those who are new, your participation in the competition is greatly appreciated, and thus, we will do our best to showcase your amazing work!

    If you have any questions or issues, please feel free to contact us either at, through direct messaging on the forums, or simply feel free to leave a message on this thread and we will get back to you ASAP! :D

    We are all looking forward to receiving your entry and your participation for this year. And if you do choose to participate, then we wish you Good Luck and all the best!

    - Anam


    What time is the deadline in your end? Find out below!

    UTC+/0 - Sunday, 17 June 2018 @ 1:59 p.m.
    Cities include: Reykjavik

    UTC+1 - Sunday, 17 June 2018 @ 2:59 p.m.
    Cities include: London, Dublin, Lisbon

    UTC+2 - Sunday, 17 June 2018 @ 3:59 p.m.
    Cities include: Paris, Frankfurt, Rome, Madrid, Zurich, Johannesburg

    UTC+3 - Sunday, 17 June 2018 @ 4:59 p.m.
    Cities include: Sofia, Athens, Helsinki, Bucharest, Istanbul

    UTC+4 - Sunday, 17 June 2018 @ 5:59 p.m.
    Cities include: Moscow, Dubai

    UTC+5 - Sunday, 17 June 2018 @ 6:59 p.m.
    Cities include: Karachi, Islamabad

    UTC+5:30 - Sunday, 17 June 2018 @ 7:29 p.m.
    Cities include: New Delhi, Mumbai

    UTC+6 - Sunday, 17 June 2018 @ 7:59 p.m.
    Cities include: Yangon

    UTC+7 - Sunday, 17 June 2018 @ 8:59 p.m.
    Cities include: Bangkok

    UTC+8 - Sunday, 17 June 2018 @ 9:59 p.m.
    Cities include: Perth, Singapore, Manila, Hong Kong, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur

    UTC+9 - Sunday, 17 June 2018 @ 10:59 p.m.
    Cities include: Tokyo, Seoul

    UTC+9:30 - Sunday, 17 June 2018 @ 11:29 p.m.
    Cities include: Adelaide, Darwin

    UTC+10 - Sunday, 17 June 2018 @ 11:59 p.m.
    Cities include: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart

    UTC+12 - Monday, 18 June 2018 @ 1:59 a.m.
    Cities include: Auckland, Wellington

    UTC-10 - Sunday, 17 June 2018 @ 3:59 a.m.
    Cities include: Honolulu

    UTC-8 - Sunday, 17 June 2018 @ 5:59 a.m.
    Cities include: Anchorage

    UTC-7 (Pacific Daylight Time) - Sunday, 17 June 2018 @ 6:59 a.m.
    Cities include: Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver, Phoenix

    UTC-6 (Mountain Daylight Time) - Sunday, 17 June 2018 @ 7:59 a.m.
    Cities include: Calgary, Edmonton, Denver, Tegucigalpa

    UTC-5 (Central Daylight Time) - Sunday, 17 June 2018 @ 8:59 a.m.
    Cities include: Chicago, Houston, New Orleans, Winnipeg, Bogota

    UTC-4 (Eastern Daylight Time) - Sunday, 17 June 2018 @ 9:59 a.m.
    Cities include: Atlanta, Boston, New York, Washington DC, Toronto, Santiago

    UTC-3 - Sunday, 17 June 2018 @ 10:59 a.m.
    Cities include: Halifax, Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro
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    Empyreanous SMASH! Assistant AMV Co-ordinator


    You all still have time to submit an AMV to either our AMV Competition or AMV Showcase!
  3. Empyreanous

    Empyreanous SMASH! Assistant AMV Co-ordinator

    ** TWO WEEKS TO GO! **
    “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
    - Andy Warhol


    Any questions? Feel free to email us at, or reply to the forum post here, or DM me or Renato! :D
  4. Empyreanous

    Empyreanous SMASH! Assistant AMV Co-ordinator


    Our deadline is Sunday 17th June at 11:59pm AEST.
    For those who haven't already entered, you still have time to submit something! :D
    (we will be on the look out for them juicy entries :))

  5. Empyreanous

    Empyreanous SMASH! Assistant AMV Co-ordinator


    The People's Choice Award is NOW OPENED! For our entrants, make sure you gather your friends and family members to vote for AMV! For general members of the public, feel free to vote for which AMV is your favourite and who you think should win this year's People's Choice Award!​

    Voting starts: NOW
    Voting ends: Saturday, 7th July 2018 @ 11:59 p.m. (UTC+10)

    Click here to watch this year's entries for the AMV Competition
    Click here to vote for your favourite AMV!

    For any questions about the voting system, feel free to email us at or leave a comment on the forum or DM me~

  6. Empyreanous

    Empyreanous SMASH! Assistant AMV Co-ordinator

    Click here to find out the winners for this year!

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