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    Hello everyone! For those of you that don't know me, I'm the forum admin for I'd like to take this moment to start a discussion with you all about the state of the 2018 Viewers Choice Awards. All of us on the Org's moderator team are very well aware that the limitations of only cataloged videos being allowed to participate has always been one of its biggest flaws. Also, since the AMV community has become lot more diverse and spread out than it was when the VCAs first started, it makes less and less sense to hold a competition that only caters to our existing user base. As they are, we don't believe that the VCAs are something that can last forever. And so we've been discussing the possibly of either doing a complete overhaul of the current format, or canceling it moving forward.

    One of the ideas that we considered is to conduct the Viewers Choice Awards in a way that's similar to Crunchyroll's Anime Awards. To do this, we'd create a jury of very reliable, experienced, and prominent people from multiple AMV communities. We'd also create nomination threads in the forum so that members can make suggestions for the judges to consider. The jury would then nominate a pool of videos that they believe to be the best AMVs of 2017 for each of the voting categories (possibly 15-20 videos per category). They'd even be able to nominate videos that haven't been cataloged on the org. We'd then use google verification to allow even non members to vote on the videos that they feel should be finalists and subsequently the winners of each category.

    If the VCAs are something that you've ever been interested in, now's your chance to help decide how we go about changing it. If you'd like to make suggestions, it would be easier to keep everything organized if you used the original org thread here, but I will be monitoring this thread as well, so feel free to post in this one as well if you like.
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